MBM 5260-VRCut Cutter Pkg. Cutter/Side Table/Knife/Sticks 1 /Each

MBM 5260-VRCut Cutter Pkg. Cutter/Side Table/Knife/Sticks 1 /Each
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MBM 5260-VRCut Cutter Pkg. Cutter/Side Table/Knife/Sticks 1 /Each

Item #: 04MBM5260P
Brand: MBM


Save more with MBM 5260-VRCut Cutter. This package includes MBM 5260-VRCut cutter, side table, knife, and cutter sticks (6pk). The MBM Triumph 5260-VRCut 20-3/8" Automatic Programmable Paper Cutter combines a user-friendly design with precision cutting and a wide range of safety features. It’s a great choice for any business or organization that requires a reliable and versatile cutter. The machine comes with a stand and has an ergonomic working height of 37". It can store 99 jobs with 99 steps each, with up to 15 repeat cuts integrated in every step. Made with a premium quality German steel blade, the MBM Triumph 5260-VRCut can easily cut through paper with a cutting width of 20-3/8" and a cutting height of 3".

Other features include the electric blade drive, back gauge drive, and clamp drive, a digital display with both inch and cm measurements, a handy self-diagnostic system, and an optical LED cutting line and dual side guides for extra precision.

Safety features include the IR light safety curtain on the front table, safety catch to lock the lever in the “up” position, a transparent cover on the rear table, and various blade and cutting adjustments that can be completed from outside the machine.

The MBM Triumph 5260-VRCut 20-3/8"" Paper Cutter also comes with the VRCut software kit to streamline and optimize your workflow. The kit includes the license for the first year, activation codes for the VRCut Impose and the VRCut Controller, USB cutter connectivity, and a 1-hour training webinar.


  • Programmable cutter with automatic clamp, power back gauge, digital touchpad, and IR safety light beams on front table.
  • Comes with an included stand with a storage shelf, easy-access tool holder, and paper blocking tool.
  • VRCut is a groundbreaking software solution designed to automate the cutting workflow by promoting an efficient and error-free cutting process from start to finish. VRCut intelligently bridges the gap between pre-press and the finishing process, allowing operators of any experience level the ability to cut with confidence
  • Ergonomic working height of 37"
  • Electric blade drive and clamp drive
  • Electric back gauge drive with touchpad for easy programming.
  • Multilingual digital display with both inch and cm measurements
  • Memory can store 99 programs with 99 steps each
  • 15 repeat cuts can be programmed for each step
  • Comes with pre-programmed modes for standard paper sizes
  • Memory key for repeat cuts.
  • German steel blade
  • Cutting width of 20-3/8"
  • Cutting height of 3"
  • Automatic SET function for reference measurement and EJECT function for pushing out paper.
  • Self-diagnostic system with error indication on display.
  • Manual electronic hand wheel with a variable speed control
  • Dual side guides on both tables
  • Optical LED cutting line for extra precision
  • Optional side tables to increase work surface is also available separately
  • UL and C UL approved.

Comprehensive SCS™ Safety Package:

  • An IR light beam safety curtain on the front table
  • Patented EASY CUT electronic blade activation bars for true two-hand operation
  • Transparent safety cover on rear table
  • Main switch and safety lock with key
  • 24 volt controls (low voltage)
  • Patented IDEAL safety drive
  • Automatic blade and clamp return from every position
  • Disc brake for instant blade stop
  • Blade changing device covers cutting edge of blade
  • Blade depth adjustment from outside of machine
  • Blade and cutting stick can be changed without removing covers.


Item #04MBM5260P
Manufacturer Part NumberCU0489VP
Brand NameMBM
Cutting width20-3/8"
Cutting height3"
Narrow cut1-3/8"
Length behind blade20-3/8"
Table Size18-7/8" x 10"
Maximum Horsepower2
Power Voltage115 V, 60 Hz (20 amp dedicated line required)
Dimensions (D x W x H)44 x 33 7/8 x 51 (56 1/2 W with side tables)
Shipping Weight (lbs)657 (677 with side tables)
Shipping InformationThis item ships via Truck (Common Carrier). It is the responsibility of the Consignee (receiver) to remove the product from the truck. If you do not have a loading dock or any other means to lift the freight off the truck and/or you need assistance bringing the product inside of your location please call (866) 537-2244. Click here for full details.Shipping Information


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Expert Reviews

MBM 5260 Triumph Cutter with VR Cut Software Staff Review

Cutting with confidence has never been easier. The MBM 5260 Triumph Cutter w/ VR delivers a unique user-friendly design. Combine the accurate cutting features with a premium German-built blade, and all metal parts, this is the perfect paper cutting machine for bigger project sizes. You also don’t have to worry about complex training for each user. With the self-guided touch panel, safety features, and ex¬tra components, you’ll soon see why this high-performance and heavy-duty cutting machine are world-renowned and preferred in small in-house copy shops to medium size commercial print shops.

The Best Things About the MBM 5260 Triumph Cutter with VR Cut Software

It's safe and easy to use. I love I never have to handle the blade , even when it’s time to replace it, thanks to its user safety features. I can remove it from the side, avoiding the cutter completely. The ability to pre-program up to 99 jobs, 15 different cuts, and ease of use make it an efficient powerhouse great for those who add it to their copy or print shops. The VR Cut software will create curated PDF documents for your print job linked on the Triumph 5260. The job starts when you select it from the drop menu or scan your barcode on the PDF. Then, the machine program will guide you through the job, audibly if you choose that option during set-up.

The Things You Should Consider Before Buying the MBM 5260 Triumph Cutter with VR Cut Software

To start off the MBM 5260 is not ideal for low-volume shops. It takes up a bit of space along with the stand that it comes on. It’s also quite big since it can cut up to 750 sheets with the ability to cut maximum widths of 20-3/8”. If you have a small shop or don’t cut over several hundred pages a day, then this cutting machine will not be a good fit. This paper cutter is not for someone who can’t stand around while the job is running, as it requires an operator to be close by to follow the process. Lastly, I wouldn’t recommend this electric paper cutter to a shop that doesn’t need the VR cut software. The VR cut software can be good for those who need or prefer extra guidance.

The Bottom Line — Is the MBM 5260 Triumph Cutter a Good Buy?

All in all, the MBM 5260 Triumph Cutter with VR cut software is the best paper cutter for those who need the size, a high cutting capacity of up to 750 sheets, and impressive features. The pre-programmed options and steps allow for a wide range of projects to get done and one of the biggest perks? There is no extensive training needed for various staff members to program and use the machine. It’s great for those production environments or print shops that have lots of job sizes and cuts. If you don’t need something with this sheet capacity and physical size, you can look at the MBM Triumph 4350 Electric Paper Cutter,

which has a sheet capacity of 375 sheets and is sized for tabletop use.


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