Shredder Oil - 1 Pint Bottle 1 /Each

Shredder Oil - 1 Pint Bottle 1 /Each
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Shredder Oil - 1 Pint Bottle 1 /Each

Brand: MBM
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16 oz. MBM Shredder Oil (8 Bottles) 55SHREDOIL Request Quote
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MBM Shredder Oil [Gallon] 4 /Box 55SHREDOIL1G Request Quote


Shredder lubricating oil keeps your shredder running quiet while providing it with a longer life. Oiling your shredder is important to keep the cutting blades sharp and clean from paper dust and other debris. We recommend oiling a junk sheet of paper on both sides and running the paper through the shredder to thoroughly coat each blade. You may also squirt oil directly into the paper opening, however, be sure to run paper through afterward to help coat the blades evenly. MBM shredder oil is a specially blended, high cling, non-detergent oil formulated for use in Destroyit® shredders. Oil your shredder each time the wastebasket is emptied, or a minimum of twice per month.


Manufacturer MBM Corporation
Manufacturer Part Number MBMSHREDOIL GRP
Compatible Equipment Compatible with All Shredders
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