Olfa Green 6" x 8" Double- Side Rotary Self-Heal Cut Mat 1 /Each

Olfa Green 6" x 8" Double- Side Rotary Self-Heal Cut Mat 1 /Each
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Olfa Green 6" x 8" Double- Side Rotary Self-Heal Cut Mat 1 /Each

Item #: 05OLFRM6X8
Brand: Olfa


Olfa is known for manufacturing the best-made cutting tools in the world. Their premium double-sided rotary cutting mats offer self-healing abilities on both sides for extended life, while also extending the life of your rotary tool blades. They are an opaque green and one side is printed with yellow grid lines for easy and accurate alignment, while the old side is blank/solid green. These quality cutter mats protect your work area and are perfect for cutting of photos, tickets, cards, and other sheets. Olfa rotary mats are 1.5 mm thick, perfect for a variety of applications.


Key Features:

  • Green mat
  • Two-Sided: Front: 1" grids (1/8" graduations) with 30°, 45°, and 60° angles; Back is Solid Green (No Grid)
  • Ideal for bias strips, cutting squares and triangles or perfectly squaring up blocks
  • Perfect for rotary blades
  • Mats can be used on both sides for versatility
  • Quality self-healing material offers a long-life
  • Protect your work surface from your blades, while also reducing wear to the blade for a longer life



Storage Tip: Store flat and away from direct sunlight


Manufacturer Part #RM6X8
UPC Code9151130041
Size6” x 8”
GridYes (1 Side; Back is Blank)
Grid LinesInches (1/8"), 30°, 45°, & 60° Angles
Quantity1 Cutting Mat


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