Refurbished - ProLam Ultra-XL 18" Pouch Laminator - Discontinued

Refurbished - ProLam Ultra-XL 18" Pouch Laminator - Discontinued
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Sorry, but Refurbished - ProLam Ultra-XL 18" Pouch Laminator - Discontinued is no longer available to buy.

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Refurbished - ProLam Ultra-XL 18" Pouch Laminator - Discontinued

Brand: Akiles
  • Speed: 47" / Minute
  • Heating Type: Rollers [4 Hot / 2 Cold]
  • Maximum Mil Thickness: 14 Mil [or 300 / 1/8"]
  • Temperature Range: 32° - 284°F
  • While Supplies Last
  • 90 Day Warranty


Please note that our refurbished products have been inspected by our technicians and function like-new. We have a limited inventory of these items at the special refurbished prices. They are only available while supplies last.

With the Akiles ProLam Ultra XL laminator, you can work with the full range of laminating pouch thicknesses, up to 14 mil. The control panel is easy to use, featuring buttons for both hot and cold lamination, so you can run thermal pouches and pressure sensitive pouches. This means it is also a great choice with businesses that use heat-sensitive materials. Adjustable speed and heat settings allow you to set the unit to the best settings for your specific application, and two memory options let you save your most common job settings for quick, one-touch recall. A patented cooling system keeps the machine cool to-the-touch, to avoid any possibility of burns. Automatic shut-off is activated by pressing the power button until the screen says "cool". After the rollers have completed the cool-down process, it will shut off. This slow cool down is important to protect the integrity and quality of the rollers themselves.

This premium desktop pouch laminator feature 6 silicone rollers, offering a crystal-clear finished laminate. With 4 heated rollers, and 2 cooling rolls, your document is exposed to even and consistent heat and cooling throughout the entire process; an essential feature for finish quality, especially when working with photos and heavy ink covered prints. The rollers are a part of a flex-tight spring system, which ensures even pressure from edge-to-edge, ensuring even further that your output is of perfect quality.

How to Use the ProLam Ultra XL

Always refer to the manufacturer-created owner manual for detailed operating instructions. The following steps have been simplified.

  1. Plug in the machine and press the power switch on the back of the machine to 'on'.
  2. Press and hold the 'power' button on the control panel.
  3. Set the machine to either 'hot' or 'cold' laminating, and set the speed and temperature settings for your project. You can use the guide on the machine as a starting point, though you should always test your material, as the settings may need adjusting based on your pouch and the paper type being laminated.
  4. When the machine reaches your heat setting, it will beep 3 times and the 'ready' light will highlight.
  5. Insert your document into a pouch, and insert the pouch sealed-side first into the machine.
  6. When done with your project, press and hold the 'power' button until the screen displays 'cool'. The machine will automatically power-off once fully cooled down.


These troubleshooting tips from the manufacturer can help with 99% of the issues customer's may encounter when laminating with the ProLam Ultra XL machine. While issues with this high quality machine are not common, sometimes an issue outside of the normal might occur. Be sure to always first refer to the owners manual for instructions on how to solve issues.

Machine has no power, or rollers are not rolling• Power cord is not properly plugged in
• Power switch is off
• Check that the power cord is properly plugged in
• Check that the power switch is turned on
• Contact Support
Excessive noise• Operation of gears is not smooth• Turn off the machine, and contact support
Bad lamination• Laminated document is wrinkled, damp, or folded• Adjust the temperature lower or higher and / or adjust speed
No increase of temperature• Power connection• Check that the power plug and switch is turned on
• Contact support
Frequent curling of film• The temperature may be too hot• Lower the temperature
Edge of document is not sealed• Document is too thick to seal the edges of the film• Use a thinner document
• Leave more space around the edges (approx. 5mm, min)
Emergency state• Something may be stuck between the heated rollers
• Rollers may be out of position
• Turn off the switch and contact support


Operating MethodElectric
Power Voltage1200 W
Speed47" / Minute
Dimensions27 ¼" x 10 ½" x ½"
Warranty90 Day Warranty
Speed47" / Minute
Heating TypeRollers [4 Hot / 2 Cold]
Warm-Up Time6 Minutes
Maximum Mil Thickness14 Mil [or 300 / 1/8"]
Temperature Range32° - 284°F
Maximum Width18.9" Wide
ProgrammableYes [2 (Heat and Speed)]
Reverse FunctionYes
Auto-Shut OffYes
Shipping Weight (lbs)50
Product Weight (lbs)44


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