PVC Shrink Wrap Film (Price per Roll)

PVC Shrink Wrap Film (Price per Roll)
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PVC Shrink Wrap Film (Price per Roll)

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PVC Shrink Wrap Film is constructed of a heat-shrinkable plastic material, made from PVC. The term "shrink wrap" is most commonly used in the commercial printing and packaging industries for retail, food packaging, industrial packaging and more. But it is often also used for smaller organizations like churches and schools who periodically make baskets or other crafts.

What are the different kinds of shrink wrap film? Polyolefin is the most popular shrink option on the market because of the eco-friendly properties and the fact that it is safe for use with food products. It also offers great clarity and leaves less residue on your shrink machine for easier clean-up. It does not contain chloride, therefore, it does not emit any odors or fumes when heated, like PVC shrink film does. PVC shrink wrap is less expensive and is best for use with oddly shaped products that need a tight shrink, which makes it a popular choice for retail bottles, such as lotions. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride and works well with high-speed machines.

How to use shrink wrap film: shrink wrap film rolls require a sealer and heat gun to close and shrink the material. Films will well with tabletop i-bar machines or floor standing tunnel systems. Simply wrap your product with the film, seal all the edges around your film, and then use a heat gun (when not using a tunnel machine) to shrink the film to the desired tightness around your products. Keep in mind that they will not shrink indefinitely and do have a maximum shrinkage, so you want the film close to your product for this reason, as well as to reduce waste.

Shrink wrap film can also be custom printed for your business. Please call (866)537-2244 for more information and to learn about custom options.

How to Choose a Shrink Wrap Roll Size

A common question we get is: what shrink wrap roll size do I need for my product? For centerfold shrink wrap film like outs, you can use the following simple formula to determine the best size for your applications to be wrapped:


(item width + item depth) x 2 x 1.1 ÷ 2
Example: 5 in wide product +15 product depth = 20
20 x 2 = 40
40 x 1.1 = 44
44 ÷ 2 = 22" Wide Roll Recommended


When to Use Polyolefin or PVC Shrink Wrap Film

Polyolefin Popular UsesPVC Popular Uses
Good for almost any applicationPackaging boxes
ToysCDs & DVDs
Sporting goodsSoftware packaging
FoodNon-Edible Containers (Cans, Bottles, etc)
Stationary & Cards 


Benefits & Drawbacks of Polyolefin & PVC Shrink Wrap Film

Polyolefin BenefitsPolyolefin DrawbacksPVC BenefitsPVC Drawbacks
Very tough multi-layered
co-extruded film
Cost [Polyolefin is a
more expensive option]
Very strong and flexibleLower sealing strength
than poly
Puncture resistantMachine Compatibility
[Does not work with all shrink wrap
machines. Check your machine
capabilities before using]
Shrinks at lower temperaturesStorage Issues due to
Temperature Fluctuations [The plasticizer
in PVC film hardens in cold conditions
& softens in hot conditions,
compromising the strength
of the seal]
Strong seal memory to
 Excellent clarityProper ventilation is required
when using [PVC releases small
quantities of hydrogen chloride
into the air, & carbon
deposits on the sealer wires]
Unmatched glossy clarity   
FDA Approved   
"Green" product is recyclable   
Emits no smoke, no odor &
no residue build-up
Won't crack due to weather fluctuations   
Package will stay taut and wrinkle-free   


Thickness75 or 100 Gauge
Quantity1 Roll


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