Kwik-Pik-R Sheet Counting Ring 1 /Each

Kwik-Pik-R Sheet Counting Ring 1 /Each
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Kwik-Pik-R Sheet Counting Ring 1 /Each

Brand: Spiral


When you add the Quik-Pik-R (quick picker) sheet counting ring to your assembly, you will eliminate the hassle, headache, and time-consuming task of hand-counting pages for punching. Your operators won't have to guess by randomly separating a stack, running the rick of either overloading your machine (and potentially causing undue wear or damage) or not using it to the full potential (not being as efficient as possible). With this affordable little tool, you can easily separate a ream of thick stack of paper into matching smaller stacks of the same thickness. Just set the thumb screw to whatever thickness of stack you want, slide the ring onto your finger, and use it to separate your stack out, moving them to a new pile where each mini-stack is offset, making them easy to grab.

The efficiency that this unique sheet counting tool can add to your workroom is surprising, especially considering its small size and affordability. It is durable, made of solid metal, and easily adjusts to allow for up to a 3/4" maximum pick. The smooth, comfortable design can easily be worn on either hand, and is universal to fit most fingers. If too to set all the way down your finger, just slide it as far as you can to have good stability and grip. Maximize production efficiency by punching the exact number of sheets your machine can handle every time with the Quik-Pik-R page counting ring.

Popular Methods to Pair the Quik-Pik-R Ring with:

  • Spiral Coil Binding Machines
  • Wire-O Binding Machines
  • Plastic Comb Binding Machines
  • Spiral-O Wire Binding Machines
  • Thermal Binding Machines
  • Fastback Tape Binding Machines
  • Padding / Notepad Binding Machines
  • Hole Punchers
  • Corner Rounders
  • Shredders
  • Any other machine that has a max sheet capacity


Quantity 1
Capacity* 3/4" Max Pick
Material Solid Metal
Shipping Weight (lbs) 1


Kwik-Pik-R Sheet Counting Ring


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