Medium Satin Matte Gold Laminating Toner Foil #GLD-02 (Price per Roll)

Medium Satin Matte Gold Laminating Toner Foil #GLD-02 (Price per Roll)
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Medium Satin Matte Gold Laminating Toner Foil #GLD-02 (Price per Roll)

Brand: Therm-O-Type
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Stunning satin matte gold (medium) foil fusing rolls paired with a dry-toner copier and a pouch laminator or foil fuser can help you make beautiful creations with a softer foil look than traditional metallic alternatives. Smooth and bright, these foiling rolls are perfect for both DIY'ers who make invitations or cards, as well as print shops that need the versatility to make anything their customers request. Our matte golden foils are not the same as what you will find at the craft store; not only are they less expensive per square inch, they are of a much higher production-quality, so you can achieve a truly solid, professional foiled finish. Simply print your design, and then use a foil fuser or laminating machine² to apply foil to the printing. We also offer a wide selection of roll widths, lengths, and core sizes. Before you choose a roll size, make sure the core size and roll width match your machine. Widths can easily be cut shorter with the foil roll cutter, or we can affordably cut it for you (call 800-631-3572 for a quote).

What is Foil:

Foiling is the process of adding a metallic foil to paper to create a bright and vibrant finished piece. These matte gold foil fusing rolls are perfect for DIY'ing your own wedding invitations, creating business cards that will really set you apart, making prints to frame and hang on the wall, and so much more. They are priced affordably compared to other brands, making them the premier choice for print production facilities and re-sellers such as print and copy shops. These professional quality thermal reactive foils feature a toner adhesive on the back that will stick to the dry toners used in most copiers and some laser printers. These matte toner foils offer a solid and opaque finish that completely covers your ink when heat is properly applied. Foiling is a great way to create wedding invitations, award certificates, craft projects, business cards, letter head and anything else that could benefit from soft metallic color accents.

What Machines can Foil:

Simple to use, just print your design using any dry toner printer or copier while noting that they will not work with wax-based inks. Then place the matte colored foil over the part of the design you want foiled, and run it through your heat source. Peel off the foil to reveal that it stuck to the printed design only, creating a gorgeous foiled print. Use them to make pretty quotes to frame in your office or kid's room, or use them for wedding invitations or birthday cards, or use them to make stand-out business cards and letter head; whatever your desire, you can achieve a brilliant look with these soft matte foils. You can use a foil fusing machine to apply consistent heat (to activate the adhesive) and pressure (to ensure a clean and consistent application). Other heat machines, such as pouch laminators, may work as well, however, may require more heat testing and adjusting to get a perfect finished print. Here are some important considerations for various methods of foil fusing:

Method/MachinePouch LaminatorRoll LaminatorFoil Fuser
Roll SizeAny Size. Pieces of foil are
cut off the roll before applying.
Varies on machine widthVaries on machine width
Core SizeAny Size. Pieces of foil are
cut off the roll before applying
Varies on machine coreMay vary by machine;
most use a 1" core roll
HeatMinimum heat requirement: 300° F
Higher is recommended
Adjustable is recommended
Minimum heat requirement: 300° F
Higher is recommended
N/A; Specifically made for foil rolls
SpeedAdjustable speed is highly recommendedAdjustable speed is highly recommendedN/A; Specifically made for foil rolls

How to Foil

The method you use to foil will vary significantly based on the kind of machine you are using; a foil fuser, a roll laminator, or a pouch laminator. We have several blogs and resource posts about foil, including instructions for various methods. Click here and search the word "foil" to browse our foil blogs.

¹ The adhesive on the back of these foil rolls sticks to dry toner only; it will not work with wax based inks from laser printers.
² Compatible pouch laminators require certain features; they must be able to reach at least 300°F, have adjustable speed and temperature settings, be the proper width for your machine. If using a roll laminator, the machine must also have a film rewind feature and a matching core size. Other variables may factor into compatibility. Click here to see a list of laminators tested and approved for foiling
³ The adhesive applies well to smooth paper stocks of a variety of thicknesses. It does not, however, create a solid/consistent look on textured papers.


Manufacturer Item #FM-MM-GLD-02
ColorMedium Satin Matte Gold (GLD-02)
Roll SizeMany Sizes Available
Core Size1/2", 1", or 3"
Foil Series"R" Series
Quantity1 Roll
Shipping Weight3, 5, 7, or 8 lbs


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