Sedona White Premium 17pt Vinyl Report Covers (100/Bx)

Sedona White Premium 17pt Vinyl Report Covers (100/Bx)
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Sedona White Premium 17pt Vinyl Report Covers (100/Bx)

Brand: Spiral
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Fibermark Sedona vinyl coverstock sheets offer an upscale appearance and feature a semi-gloss acrylic coating that makes them resistant to stains and moisture, making them durable enough for documents that will be with travelling salespeople or handled frequently or roughly. Kidskin vinyl cover stock sheets have a leather grain texture to them, with high gloss finish; they look expensive, and can be found of VIP client proposals, reports, presentations, and more. The premium quality cardstock is 17 point thick (0.017" Caliper, 138#, 374 gsm) and features a high latex content that makes them extremely supple to the touch, without compromising durability. They offer excellent hinge and fold characteristics, so scoring and folding these covers is easy to accomplish. These quality vinyl leatherette covers are made in the USA and are available in two sizes and several corporate colors, including black covers, navy blue covers, green covers, and maroon covers. They are packaged with 100 cover sheets per box.


Material17 pt. Vinyl Coverstock (Sedona)


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