We offer a variety of poly bags and sealers for your various packaging needs. Everything from small poly plastic bags with adhesive closure, to medium zip-closure bags, to large bags that are sealed/melted, shut with a hand sealer; you can find anything you need for your shop right here at Our bags may be available in various thicknesses as well, so you can choose a lightweight bag for more affordability, or a heavy-duty bag to ensure no ripping or tearing, even when roughly handled. We even offer poly tubing for higher volume needs that lets you choose your bag length for each individual item you need to wrap.


In addition to the poly bagging supplies, we also offer sealing machines of several kinds for various volume users. Small bag sealers or automated sealers are available. Browse our selection of top-quality poly bag sealers below and start producing professionally bagged items quickly and affordably. A sealer cuts and seals the edges of a shrink wrap bag, creating the surrounding wrapping around your item. We offer a variety of sealer types for different kinds of users from low volume occasional jobs to high volume daily packaging needs. No matter what industry you're a part of, you can find the best bag sealer for you here at Spiral Bindin.

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  1. Minipac Mail Bagging Machine 1 /Each

    • Automatic, vertical packaging machine
    • Ideal for magazines, newsletters, catalogs, and publications
    • Uses a roll of film mounted on a motor driven roller
    • Integrated product counter

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