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With our new line of packaging printers you can print high-volume, perfect quality packaging items direct from your print production shop. These powerful systems offer incredible efficiency while remaining easy to use, making them a great fit for facilities of all sizes and kinds. On-demand box printing, bag printing, coaster printing, coffee sleeve printing, and more are at your fingertips with our curated collection of packaging printers.

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  1. iJetColor Pro PXG Packaging Press Performance Bundle and Accessories

    • Quickly print packaging and boxes in-house
    • Print on corrugated boxes, bubble mailers, paper bags, coasters, coffee sleeves, + more
    • HP FI-1000 Imaging Technology
    • Simple interface, easy operation
    Product Name Item Number Price Qty
    iJetColorProPXG HP Packaging Press Performance Bundle 04PWIJETPROHPPXG Request Quote
    Package Feeder, Large, for iJetColorProPxG HP 84PWIJPKGFDRLG Request Quote
    Package Feeder, Small, for iJetColorProPxG HP 84PWIJPKGFDRSM Request Quote
    Black 498 ml Ink Tank for iJetColorPro HP 84PWIHPBLK Request Quote
    Cyan 236 ML Ink Tank for iJetColorPro HP 84PWIHPCYAN Request Quote
    Magenta 231ML Ink Tank for iJetColorPro HP 84PWIHPMAG Request Quote
    Yellow 223 ml Ink Tank for iJetColorPro HP 84PWIHPYEL Request Quote
    Module Cap Assembly for iJet Color 84PWIJWIMODC Request Quote
    Wiper Roller for iJet Color 84PWIJWIPER Request Quote
    Wiper Module Assembly For iJet Color 84PWIJWIPMOD Request Quote
    Waste Ink Pad (no tray) for iJetColor & NXT Printer 84PWIJWP Request Quote
    Replacement Ink Tray & Pad for iJet Color 84PWIJITP Request Quote
    iJet Service Tray Wiper 84PWISERVTRAY Request Quote

1 Item

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