One-Step Shrink Systems

Seal and shrink in one easy step with One-Step Shrink systems. Eliminating the need for an "L" bar sealer and heat tunnel, shrinking and sealing is done in a snap in a one step process. Due to this technology One-Step Shrinking equipment consumes less energy making this machine a solid investment in the long run.

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  1. Minipack Replay 55 EVO One Step Shrink Wrap Machine 1 /Each

    • Innovative fixing of the plexi-glass hood: easier maintenance and higher stability
    • Teflon Coated Sealing Blade
    • Speed: 360 Packages / Hour
    • Chamber Height: 8"
  2. Dempack H30 One-Step Shrink Wrap Machine [17" x 23" Seal Area, 220 Volt]

    • Compact design will fit in small business and retail environments
    • Adjustable product support shelf with film carraige to match product width ensures quick job changeover for increased productivity
    • Adjustable loading tray and seal area for seal centering and to accommodate a wide variety of sizes
    • Manual production rate is dependent on operator performance and product size
  3. Dempack H25 One-Step Shrink System 1 /Each

    • Convenient seal and shrink machine
    • User-friendly touch panel and LCD display
    • Seal bar measures 22" X 17"
    • Maximum product height: 10 -1/4"
  4. PP-76ST One-Step Shrink Wrap System 1 /Each

    • Flexible and easy way to package items quickly and to a high
    • Sealing area of 16" W x 22" L x 8" H
    • Speeds from 4 to 8 packages per minute
    • Package items quickly and to a high standard of quality
  5. PP-48ST 110V One-Step Shrink Wrap System 1 /Each

    • Designed with a band sealer technology that uses a Teflon-coated sealing band
    • Speed of 4 to 8 packages per minute
    • Seal area of 18.5" L x 12" W
    • Maximum film width of 20" with a maximum packaging height of 6"
  6. Minipack RP85 One-Step Shrink Wrap Machine

    • Automatic hood open
    • Innovative upper hood fastening: simplified maintenance and enhanced stability
    • Steel bodywork: sturdy and accessible
    • Speed: 300 Packages / Hour
    Product Name Item Number Price Qty
    12" Oversized Hood Option for RP85 One Step 1 /Each 04MPRP8512H Request Quote
    Film Opener Tool for Minipack RP85 One Step 1 /Each 04MPRP85FO Request Quote

6 Items

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