SnakeSkin Wire-O Delivery System 1 /Each

SnakeSkin Wire-O Delivery System 1 /Each
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SnakeSkin Wire-O Delivery System 1 /Each



SnakeSkin™ Wire-O® is Wire-O® that is packaged in a flexible plastic "skin" that completely protects the wire, while gaining more loops per box. By removing the spool core we are able to package 3 to 5 times as many loops into a box! The result is fewer changeovers and downtime in your binding operation equaling more books bound per day. In addition the disposal costs associated with traditional spools is completely eliminated!

** Proud winner of the Binding Industries of America's  Bill Feingold Award - Best Innovative Product for 2010! **

Features and Benefits:

  • Increases Productivity up to 15%
  • One box of SnakeSkin™ Wire-O® holds up to 3 times as many loops as a spool depending on size and pitch.
  • No spool changing which saves time while increasing productivity.
  • Quick, consistent and easy set ups.
  • Eliminates Tangling - SnakeSkin™ Wire-O® is encased in a plastic wrap which prevents the wire from tangling.
  • Eliminate wasted wire and down time caused by tangled wire therefore reducing waste and costs.
  • Reduces risk in transport and damage.
  • Reduces Waste Management - Don't waste time dismantling spools & incurring costs associated with disposal.
  • Reduces costs in storage and handling.
  • This product is recyclable.

The SnakeSkin™ Wire-O® Delivery System can be fitted to work with the following machines:

  • James Burn BB400 Speedbind, BB50H and BB43
  • Renz Auto Bind 500, Auto Bind 700, Auto Bind 900 and RSB360
  • Rilecart in-line binders
  • Bielomatik in-line binders
  • Sickinger STL1000 (with modifications)

SnakeSkin™ Wire-O® vs. Wire-O® Spool Comparison:
This comparison shows for each size the number of "SnakeSkin™ Wire-O® Loops per Box" versus the number of "Loops per Spool" of traditionally packaged Wire-O®. The "Spool Equivalent per Box" shows how many spools equal one box of SnakeSkin™ Wire-O®.

  Size    SSW Loops/Box    Loops/ Spool     Spool Equivalent/ Box   
  1/4"  210,000  90,000  2.3 
  5/16"    174,000  60,000  2.9
  3/8"  126,000  47,000  2.7
  7/16"    110,000  32,000  3.4
  1/2"  85,000  26,750  3.2
   9/16"    70,000  22,000  3.2
  5/8"  37,000  11,000  3.4
  3/4"  27,000  8,150  3.3
  7/8"  20,000  5,150  3.9
  1"  17,000  4,600  3.7


ManufacturerJames Burn International
Compatible EquipmentJames Burn BB400 Speedbind Automatic Binder
James Burn BB50H High Speed Semi-Automatic Binder
Renz Auto Bind 500
Auto Bind 700
Auto Bind 900
Rilecart in-line binders
Bielomatik in-line binders
Sickinger STL1000 (with modifications)
Shipping Weight (lbs)45


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