APC-610 24" Hydraulic Paper Cutter 1 /Each

APC-610 24" Hydraulic Paper Cutter 1 /Each
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APC-610 24" Hydraulic Paper Cutter 1 /Each

Item #: 04SAPC610
Brand: Standard Horizon


The Standard Horizon APC-610 24" Hydraulic Paper Cutter features a maximum cutting width of 24" and a maximum lift height of 3.9". The APC-610 includes advanced set-up automation through a user-friendly 5" icon-based touch-screen that displays all settings necessary for automated setup.

The highly polished, chrome-plated work table virtually eliminates paper marking and provides a smooth, friction-free surface for lift travel. A high-performance back gauge screw and precision-forged linear raceway accurately positions the lift. A two-speed motor system precisely positions the back gauge and ensures maximum cutting accuracy.


  • Hydraulic clamping and cutting mechanism ensures powerful and accurate cutting quality.
  • The servo-motor driven backgauge assures accurate positioning and repeatability for consistent quality production.
  • The color touchscreen is intuitive and icon-based for user-friendly operation. Operation, setting and information screens are used for efficient and accurate operation.
  • The Simple Program Setting screen displays sheet rotating direction and cutting order graphically.
  • The APC-610 is activated only when the two cut buttons are simultaneously pressed for operator safety.
  • the unit comes standard with light curtain area sensors, if they detect any object, the cutting motion will stop immediately. These sensors meet the high level of safety specified in Category 4 according to ISO13849-1.
  • Double Safety Circuit - The system is further equipped with a hard-wired secondary safety interrupt for operator safety.
  • The system can be further enhanced with Horizon's pXnet bindery control system which integrates JDF workflow from upstream devices.
  • The Knife Angle Adjusting Lever are easily done on the front side of the cutter.
  • Maximum cutting width is 610 mm / 24.0", maximum cutting height is 100 mm / 3.39".
  • The cutting knife is made of special steel ensuring consistently high standard cutting quality for a prolonged period of time.

Note: The unit requires 10.5 gallons of ISO VG32 hydraulic oil, oil must be purchased separately.


Item #04SAPC610
ManufacturerStandard Horizon
Manufacturer Part NumberAPC-610
Cutting WidthMax - 610 mm / 24.0"
Cutting Height100 mm / 3.93" (95 mm / 3.74" using the support plate)
Cutting DepthMax. - 620 mm / 24.4"
Cutting DepthMin. - 25 mm / 0.98" (65 mm / 2.56" using support plate)
Clamp SystemHydraulic Powered 50 to 20 kN (500 to 2,000 kgf)
Job Memory99 Steps, 200 Jobs
Push-out Length20 to 150 mm / 0.785" to 5.905" Adjustable
Cutting Speed3.8 seconds per cycle
Rated Current3-Phase 200 to 220 V, 50/60 Hz, 8.2 A/ 3-Phase 380/400/415 V, 50/60 Hz, 4.2 A
Machine Dimensions45.6" W x 59.3" D x 58" H (1,156 x 506 x 472 mm)
Weight1,724.7 (783 kg)


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