UniBind Dark Green UniCover Flex Thermal Binding Covers

UniBind Dark Green UniCover Flex Thermal Binding Covers
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UniBind Dark Green UniCover Flex Thermal Binding Covers

Brand: Unibind
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Offering a professional finish, a fast bind, and an editable solution, UniFlex covers by UniBind are a popular choice for any user who needs to produce presentations on-demand for clients. They can be paired with any of the UniBind thermal binding machines to create books as quickly as just a few minutes each. These unique UniCover Flex covers have the traditional steel spine that is attached to a clear front and back cover. One of the covers has a crystal clear gloss finish, while the other is matted gloss. This lets you change the look of your presentation by just flipping the spine and using whichever finish you prefer for your particular application. Since both sides are clear, you will be able to see the first and last sheet of your presentation through the covers, so you can print your own custom pages in small or large runs without having to get a cover custom printed.

In addition to the versatility that the clear cover, we offer UniFlex covers in several colors. Choose traditional white or black for a clean look, or match the spine to your books by using azure or dark blue, bordo or ruby red, dark green, or a unique quartz silver spine. Sizes available can handle presentations with as few as just 2 sheets, up to as large as 340 sheets*.

How to Use UniBind UniCover Flex Thermal Binding Covers

   ① Place your printed pages into the flex cover.
   ② Place the thermal binding cover into your UniBind thermal binding machine.
   ③ Once the binding/crimping/cooling is complete, your document is done.

UniCover Flex Benefits

   • Many Document Sizes - UniCover Flex thermal binding covers come in a large variety of spine sizes to allow for binding up to 340 page* thick documents.
   • Ability to Customize - The crystal clear cover shows your first page perfectly, so you can personalize each individual presentation by just using a unique first page.
   • Professional - The look of the steel resin spine and crystal clear front cover are sleek and professional.
   • Fast - Document binding with UniBind is fast an efficient, no matter which thermal binding machine you are using.

Popular UniCover Flex Applications

   • Business - Annual reports, financial packets, presentations, proposals, and more.
   • Schools -Educational reports for schools, student handbooks, dissertations, and more.
   • Real Estate - Real estate documents, listing presentations, informational packets, contracts, and more.
   • Financial - Banking and tax paperwork, personal planning packets, investment and retirement plans, insurance packets, and more.
   • Manufacturing - Product manuals, reference guides, and drawings.
   • Artists - Art portfolios and albums.


*May vary depending on paper stock and other factors. Not all sizes are compatible with all machines.
¹ Binding with lower sheet counts using these sizes will require crimping to ensure a proper bind.


Manufacturer Part NumberUNICOVERFLEXDG-GRP
QuantityVaries by Size
Compatible EquipmentUnibind UniBinder 8.2
Unibind UniBinder 8.1
Unibind UniBinder 120


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