UniBinder 8.2 Thermal Binder and Crimping Machine 1 /Each

UniBinder 8.2 Thermal Binder and Crimping Machine 1 /Each
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UniBinder 8.2 Thermal Binder and Crimping Machine 1 /Each

Item #: 04UBINDER82
Brand: Unibind


If you are looking for one of the easiest and fastest ways to bind professional presentations, then consider buying the Unibind UniBinder 8.2 online at Spiral. This unique thermal binding system can produce as many as eight books in as little as just five minutes. The three-compartment binding system is simple, and requires no prep or maintenance to keep it running at full-potential. The first compartment is the heating element, which is separated into two sections. Both sections perform the same way; the separation simply helps keep your books as straight as possible, and is especially helpful when only binding a few books at a time. The second compartment is the crimper, and this is a single-book crimping machine that activates automatically when the spine is placed inside. Lastly, the third compartment is for cooling, and is separated just like the heating compartment into two sections to help keep your books upright.

The unique thermal adhesive resin is pre-applied into the Unibind binding spines, which removes the hassle of having to apply glue yourself. This unique resin is extremely strong and ensures a quality bind that will last. It can also be re-heated to allow for editing your books, which makes it easy to fix mistakes, add to your presentation, or remove information that may no longer be needed.

UniBinder 8.2 Instructions:

   ① Place your pages in the UniCover thermal binding cover of your choice, and place the spine into one of the heating compartments. These compartments are large enough to handle as many as 8 books at one time, depending on how thick your books are.
   ② In just 90 seconds, move the books into the crimping compartment to finish the spine. If you are binding multiple books at one time, be sure to just place one book into the crimper at a time.
   ③ Lastly, move the books into one of the cooling compartments until the spine is no longer warm.

With Unibind, there is no more hassling with difficult to use binding wires and coils, and no more time-consuming paper punching; all you need to do is place your sheets into the pre-made spines and follow the simple 3-step process above to create professional, clean, and high-class books. Faster than any other binding method, the Unibinder 8.2 thermal binder machine can easily meet the demands of your office.


Item #04UBINDER82
Manufacturer Part Number251UB82USC2
Suggested UserMedium Office, Large Office
Binding StyleThermal Binding
Compatible Supplies & AccessoriesUniCover Hard Covers
UniCover Flex Covers
UniCover Spines
Power Voltage120 V, 60 Hz
Dimensions17" W x 10 ½" D x 15" H
Manufacturer's Warranty1 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
Document Size8 ½" W x 11" H [Letter Size, Portrait]
System Capacity (Between Dividers)*Up to a 1 ⅜" Thick Spine
Cycle Speed2 Minutes / Binding Cycle*
Speed4 Documents / Minute*
Approximate Annual VolumeLess than 1,000 Documents per Year
Product Weight (lbs)25
Shipping Weight (lbs)25


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UniBinder 8.2 Thermal Binder and Crimping Machine

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