UniBind UniCover Hard Thermal Binding Steel Resin Covers

UniBind UniCover Hard Thermal Binding Steel Resin Covers
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UniBind UniCover Hard Thermal Binding Steel Resin Covers

Brand: Unibind


If you have been looking for an inexpensive way to make your own high-end hard covers without needing any special equipment training, then buy UniBind UniCover Hard Covers online at Spiral. Not only are these hard covers made with a premium steel resin spine attached to rigid front and back covers, but they feature glue pre-applied into the spines so you don't have to deal with messy glue application, as you might with other thermal binding covers. Instead, all you need to do is place your insert pages into the cover, place the cover onto the heating compartment of one of the UniBind thermal binding machines, crimp the spine (crimper attached to all machines), and allow it to cool - you then have a finished premium hard thermal binding cover perfect for presentations and reports of many kinds. The resin is strong, and can hold up against heavy handling, making it a popular choice for not only premium client presentations for businesses, but also for school yearbooks, and even photobooks.

UniBind hard thermal binding covers are available in a large selection of colors to match well with your company; the colors available include black, white, a glossy white, aluminum (silver), quartz (charcoal), dark blue, azure blue, dark green, and bordo (burgundy / maroon). In addition to these attractive, shimmery colors, they also come in a variety of spine capacities to allow for binding thin books with just a couple pages, as well as thick books with as many as 350 sheets of standard copy paper.

How to Use UniBind UniCover Hard Covers

   ① Place your printed pages into the spine of the cover.
   ② Place the cover into your UniBind thermal binding machine.
   ③ Once the binding/crimping/cooling is complete, you're done!

UniCover Hard Cover Benefits

   • Many Document Sizes - UniCover Spines come in a large variety of sizes to allow for binding as few as just a few sheets, up to 340 page* thick documents.
   • Premium - Premium hard covers are now easily customizable in-house - they make a stand-out and very expensive looking finished bound document.
   • Professional - The look of the steel resin spine and overall hard cover wrap-aropund is sleek and professional
   • Fast - Document binding with UniBind is fast an efficient, no matter which thermal binding machine you are using.

Popular UniCover Hard Applications

   • Business - Business presentations, reports, proposals, and more.
   • Schools -Educational reports for schools, yearbooks, student handbooks, dissertations, and more.
   • Real Estate - Real estate documents, listing presentations, informational packets, contracts, and more.
   • Financial - Banking and tax paperwork, personal planning packets, investment and retirement plans, insurance packets, and more.
   • Artists - Art portfolios, features, photo books, and albums.


*May vary depending on paper stock and other factors. Not all sizes are compatible with all machines.
¹ Binding with lower sheet counts using these sizes will require crimping to ensure a proper bind.


Manufacturer Part NumberUNICOVERHARD CFG
Quantity10 / Box
Compatible EquipmentUnibind UniBinder 8.2
Unibind UniBinder 8.1
Unibind UniBinder 120


UniCover Hard Covers For UniBind Thermal Binding System


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