Xyron Model 850 Laminator Refill Cartridges

Xyron Model 850 Laminator Refill Cartridges
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Xyron Model 850 Laminator Refill Cartridges

Brand: Xyron
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Replace your Xyron Model 850 Creative Station Laminator cartridges with our manufacturer-direct refills. Specifically designed for the model 850, these cartridges are available in many different materials for various applications. Choose from a two-sided lamination, several kinds of adhesives, or a laminate/adhesive combination. No matter which option you choose, all of them are acid-free to protect the integrity of your prints. Each refill is 50 feet long and 8.5 inches wide, offering edge-to-edge placement of adhesive and lamination for your various needs.

Xyron 850 Creative Station Available Refills:

  • Permanent Adhesive - Item# AT205-50 - Ideal for scrapbooking, rubber stamping, die cuts, craft projects and school projects.
  • Repositionable Adhesive - Item# AT206-50 - Place, peel away and replace items with the flexibility of repositionable adhesive. Ideal for kid's projects, stenciling and more.
  • High Tack Adhesive - Item# AT201-50 - A strong, high-tack edge-to-edge adhesive.
  • 2-Sided Lamination - Item# DL201-100 - Applies laminate to the front and the back of your precious items. Provides protection for certificates, awards and more.
  • Laminate/Permanent Adhesive - Item# LAT201-50 - It laminates one side and applies edge-to-edge acid-free permanent adhesive on the other side. It gives protection for signs, packages and more.


Item #54XYRON850C-GRP
Brand NameXyron
Compatible EquipmentXyron 850 Creative Station Laminator


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