XyronPRO XM1255 Laminator Refills

XyronPRO XM1255 Laminator Refills
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XyronPRO XM1255 Laminator Refills

Brand: Xyron
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These film refills are compatible with the XyronPRO XM1255 12" Cold Laminator. XM1255 film refills are available in several configurations to meet the needs of a variety of applications. These options are all acid-free to protect your items without degrading them.


Item # XM1255-GRP
Manufacturer Xyron®PRO
Quantity 1 Cartridge
Size 12"
Compatible Equipment XyronPRO XM1255 Cold Laminator
XyronPRO XM1250
Shipping Weight (lbs) 1


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