Accel Air 1 Air Packaging Machine 1 /Each (Discontinued)

Accel Air 1 Air Packaging Machine 1 /Each (Discontinued)
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Accel Air 1 Air Packaging Machine 1 /Each (Discontinued)

Item #: 04ACCELAIR1


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Protect your products properly for shipment with the Accel Air 1 packaging system and recyclable air packaging rolls. This high quality industrial air packager machine works fast, producing your filler packaging as fast as 9 ½ feet per minute.

The Accel Air packing machine works with either bubble wrap or air pillows. Both are made of a high density polyethylene (HDPE) that is incredibly strong to resist punctures with impact, ensuring they won't pop while in transit. HDPE air packaging is abrasion resistant, exhibits a low coefficient of friction, and is recyclable, making them more eco-friendly that other protective packaging alternatives on the market. They are also moisture, stain, and odor resistant, so can be used for any variety of packaging needs.

Accel Air Cushion Packaging FilmPad Air TubesSingle Air Pillow
Common Apllications Cushion Wrap for Materials & Void Fill Void Fill
Roll Size 15 ¾" x 11 ⅖" x 985' 7 ⅘" x 3 ⁹/₁₀" x 985'
Pillow Size (Pre-Perforated) 15 ¾" x 11 ⅖" (400 x 290mm) 7 ⅘" x 3 ⁹/₁₀" (200 x 100 mm)
Roll Yield 1,350 Pieces 2,700 Pieces

With the Accel Air 1 packager machine, you can eliminate the need for old-fashioned void fill solutions (like packing peanuts) that harm the environment, take up a lot of storage space, and make a mess. Replace that old packaging and use the best air cushion packaging for shipments with the Accel Air 1 and HDPE film rolls. This revolutionary tabletop void fill machine takes up very little space, but packs a powerful punch. You can make air pillows on-demand without having to store bulky materials. The Accel Air 1 machine is dependable, portable, easy to use, saving both money and storage space.

Key Accel Air 1 Features:

   • Max Speed: 9 ½' / minute (3 m/min.)
   • Warm Up Time: 3 Minutes
   • Sleep Mode: after 2 hours non-use
   • Special Tension Roller design to back up smooth film running
   • Compact, can be moved to location needed
   • Make various cushion sizes on-demand
   • Versatile, on-demand packaging
   • Saves valuable warehouse space
   • Fast & easy to use
   • Clean, professional looking packages
   • Outstanding, lightweight packaging
   • Enhanced protection
   • Film is 100% recyclable and ecologically friendly


Item # 04ACCELAIR1
Manufacturer Spiral
Manufacturer Part Number 04ACCELAIR1
Brand Name Accel
Compatible Supplies & Accessories Accel Air Cushion Packaging Film (Pad Air Tubes & Single Air Pillows)
Speed 9 ½' / Minute
Certifications FDA Approved for use in the Food Processing Industry
Dimensions 18" x 8 ½" x 8 ½" (455 x 215 x 215 mm)
Power Voltage 110V 60Hz
Manufacturer's Warranty 90 Day Limited
Shipping Weight 10 lbs.


AccelAir 1 Packaging Machine

Film for Accel Air Packaging Systems


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