Green Initiatives

How can today's Print and Finishing Operations implement "green" initiatives and become more eco-friendly? Here are a few pointers:

  • Utilize Energy-Efficient Equipment: Evaluate your binding equipment, older finishing equipment does not consume energy as efficiently as new machines. Today's newest generations of bindery technologies not only increase productivity and efficiencies but also designed to reduce the amount of energy they may be using.
  • Keep Machines Well Maintained: Comprehensive maintenance of binding equipment can enhance performance which maintains performance and reduces energy required to operate the equipment.
  • Minimize Waste: Similar to how you would turn a light off when leaving a room, binding equipment can also be shut off to save energy during extended breaks.

We at Spiral have applied this to our business!

 Renewable Energy System:

  • In October 2011, Spiral installed a Solar-Powered Renewable Energy Management Solution, making our system one of the largest in northern New Jersey with over 3,500 new solar panels. Learn more here.

 Recycling Program:

  • Last year Spiral recycled over 400,000 pounds of paper, cardboard, plastic, and steel wire through office and manufacturing operations.

 Energy Conservation:

  • Adding motion sensor controlled lighting in common areas turn off lights when no one is in room.
  • Warehouse lighting replacement and reconfiguring to reduce energy usage.
  • Changing lighting control systems in warehouse so only lighting is used in section of the building that operates 2nd and 3rd shift. By adding additional controls we will be able to turn off all the lights and still safely keep the building open.