Punching Equipment

Punching Equipment

We have all the punching equipment you need to handle any job whether it is large or small. With desktop and free-standing models, you can choose through a variety of punching machines that are efficient and flexible to hand any die pattern. Select the die punch you need to handle standard hole patterns such as plastic comb, plastic spiral, Velobind®*, Wire-O in square and round holes.


We know that die punches can get worn and not produce the punch patterns to the best of their ability so we even offer a sharpening service to keep your dies sharp and your business moving. Semi-automatic machines are perfect for punching when automatic equipment isn’t practical. Increase punching capacity while staying within budget. Looking to punch paper, polyester, and metal offset plates? We even carry offset plate equipment that is very easy to use and gets the job done. Get all your punching equipment today!


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