Coverbind Accel Ultra+ Thermal Binding System with Stand 1 /Each

Coverbind Accel Ultra+ Thermal Binding System with Stand 1 /Each
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Coverbind Accel Ultra+ Thermal Binding System with Stand 1 /Each

Brand: Coverbind


If your office needs the efficiency of an automatic thermal binding machine, then the Accel Ultra+ by Coverbind is great solution. It will handle spine sizes from 3/4" to 1-1/2". With this workhorse machine, you can bind the full variety of Coverbind thermal binding covers, allowing you to make both soft cover and hard cover books with ease. The Accel Ultra can produce thermal bound books as quickly as 1 per second*, as will bind multiple documents in the same cycle. It is incredibly easy to operate, and require very little training to use. All you have to do place your pages into a Coverbind cover of your choice, place the cover into the machine, press start, and the machine will do the rest automatically. This means your operator doesn't need to stand by the unit to continue inserting books; they insert them all at once, and then can walk away to perform other tasks while it binds. This feature is called "Drop&Go" and is very valuable among all kinds of users, as it will save money on labor costs.

With the Coverbind Accel Ultra+ thermal binding machine, your operator can place multiple documents* at once in batches, or as few as one book, without having to worry about minimum-run costs. The binding process takes about 1 minute*, and, once complete, the Accel Ultra will notify the operator it is done by sounding a chirp and changing the light on the exit from green to red. This speed of bind is about 45 times faster than other traditional binding methods, saving your business even more money on labor costs, and allowing you to meet even rush demands without stress.

Document binding has never been more efficient than with the Coverbind Accel Ultra+, which was designed specifically for high-end users. It holds double the sheet capacity of it's competitors, and cuts the binding/processing time in half. These third generation hot binding machines have been perfected over the years to meet the needs and demands of users; there are no better quality or high-producing units on the market. The Bindomatic Accel Ultra by Coverbind is an industry leader when it comes to thermal book binding, and the reason is obvious. They're machines look sleek, perform with little maintenance, and create pristine, professional looking documents without high labor costs. If you're ready to step up your thermal binding game, consider buying the Coverbind Accel Ultra+ online today. Call us at 800-631-3572, email, or simply choose the model you want and hit "add to cart".

Accel Ultra Instructions:

   ① Turn on the Ultra or Ultra Plus thermal binding machine from the screen. Gather all of your sheets together into a stack and place the stack into the spine size selector on the top of the machine. The screen will display which Coverbind cover spine size you should be using based on the document thickness. The Accel Ultra+ will bind documents using spine sizes from 3/4" to 1-1/2".
   ② Insert your pages into the Coverbind cover of your choice in the indicated spine size, and place the cover into the unit, spine-side down. You can place them one at a time, or in batches. The Ultra Plus will hold up to 1-1/2" between sections, or multiple thinner books that equal that capacity.
   ③ Press start, and walk away. Or if you have more documents to load, place them just as before into the open sections as the machine rotates the books through, and exposes more open sections. The Drop&Go technology feature means that once your Accel Ultra+ is loaded, you don't have to stand around or perform any other tasks while it binds. The Accel Ultra+ will chime and the binding light on the side of the machine will turn red when the binding process is complete (which takes about 1 minute*) so that your operator can remove the finished documents, and load more documents to be bound.

Accel Ultra Benefits & Features:

   • Fast - The Accel Ultra is incredibly fast, binding books as fast as 1 per second (yes, per second) for an average output of up to 60 documents per minute*. This is about 45 times faster than any other traditional binding method, saving your operators a lot of time so you can meet rush-order requirements, without high production costs.
   • Easy - The Accel Ultra is so simple to use, that anyone in your office can be an operator. Three simple steps will bind perfectly finished hard and soft cover books of many kinds. There is no complicated punching, paper waste, hole alignment, inserting, or closing required. Just place your pages into the Coverbind cover, place the cover into the machine, and press start.
   • Strong - Coverbind glue and cover spines are unlike any other thermal binding glue and covers on the market. The glue is an EVA adhesive, which is incredibly strong. It is pre-applied to the spines in strips, not poured in, which eliminates the possibility of seeping, as well as guarantees a perfect bind from the first page, to the last. Within the glue there is also a cotton mesh that is exposed as the glue liquefies. This mesh grabs your pages, pulls them in for a perfectly square finish, and once cooled, creates an unbeatable strength-of-bind. All these features combined mean that with Coverbind covers, there are virtually no paper stock limitations; whether you are using plain paper, digital printed stocks, glossy coated pages, or even laminated sheets -- they can do it all.
   • Versatile - The Accel Ultra is versatile, able to bind thermal binding covers of many spine thicknesses and sheet sizes all-together; there are no complicated size changeovers or setting adjustments needed. There is a very large selection of Coverbind covers available, so you can make soft cover books or hard cover books of many kinds, as well as have the ability to customize your books in-house.
   • Small Footprint - The Accel Ultra Plus thermal binder machine is compact enough to sit on a worktable, leaving your valuable floor space clear. It measures just 25” W x 29 ½" D x 17” H and weighs about 106 lbs. For desk placement, it is recommended at about waist-height for your operator, which allows them to look down into the unit and more easily place their documents in.
   • One of a Kind - Coverbind is the only brand that offers automated thermal binding equipment like the Accel Ultra, the Accel Ultra Plus, and their little sister, the Accel Cube.
   • Attractive - The sleek, all-black design looks expensive, and fits perfectly into any office or workroom. It will impress visitors, and goes along well with the premium product output.
   • Perfected Design - The Accel Ultra is a third generation Bindomatic machine by Coverbind, that has been perfected to meet the needs of our users.
   • Eco-Friendly - Coverbind covers are 100% recyclable.

Popular Users & Applications:

BusinessesSchools & UniversitiesReal Estate AgenciesPhoto Studios
• Proposals • Yearbooks & textbooks • Proposals • Photo books
• Presentations • Student Publications • Sales Tools • Gallery Highlights
• Quarterly/Annual Reports • Crafts/Gifts for Parents • Home Buyer Gifts • Sales Tools
• Board Meeting Reports • Course Catalogs • Board Meeting Reports • Sponsorship/Donor Requests
• Sales Tools • Orientation Documents • Financial Documents • Art Collections


*May vary depending on number of books, spine size, operator, and other factors.


Manufacturer Coverbind USA
Suggested User Large Office, Industrial
Binding Style Thermal Binding
Included Supplies & Accessories Machine Stand
Compatible Supplies & Accessories Coverbind® Thermal Binding Supplies
[Ultra+: Sizes 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", & 1-1/2"]
Power Voltage 115v Single Phase 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 25" W x 29 ½" D x 17" H
Certifications UL
Manufacturer's Warranty 90 Day Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
Document Size 8 ½" W x 11" H [Letter Size, Portrait]
System Capacity (Between Dividers)* Up to 1-1/2" Thick Spine
Cycle Speed 1 Minute / Binding Cycle*
Speed 120 Documents / Minute*
Approximate Annual Volume 10,000 or more Documents per Year
Shipping Weight (lbs) 240
Shipping Information This item ships via Truck (Common Carrier). It is the responsibility of the Consignee (receiver) to remove the product from the truck. If you do not have a loading dock or any other means to lift the freight off the truck and/or you need assistance bringing the product inside of your location please call (800)631-3572. Click here for full details.


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