Coverbind CPB3SGCFC Perfect Binder with Side Gluing, Cover Feeder and Creaser

Coverbind CPB3SGCFC Perfect Binder with Side Gluing, Cover Feeder and Creaser
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Coverbind CPB3SGCFC Perfect Binder with Side Gluing, Cover Feeder and Creaser

Item #: 04TPTC5700C
Brand: Coverbind


Bookbinding has never been easier with the Coverbind CPB3SGCFC Perfect Binder with Side Gluing, Cover Feeder, and Creaser. Its functional design makes it ideal for medium to large volume binding, and its simple operation is an added bonus. The machine is equipped with an automatic cover feeder with creaser and a vertical stacker to increase productivity. The two separate glue tanks and rollers evenly apply adhesive to the main cover and the spine of the book. Adjust the book’s thickness by simply turning the lever dial to the right to angle the book or to the left to round it. By lifting the cover and adjusting it up and down, the spine position of the book can also be adjusted.The scrapping and milling system on this binding machine ensures that coated, oil-infused, and UV coated materials adhere. It also has a vacuum system that collects dust and other debris after the book spine is cut, keeping your machine and workspace clean. This machine stacks completed books vertically in a loading box for the convenience of the operator.


  • AUTO COVER CREASE. Set the crease on the cover up to ten places.
  • AUTO COVER FEEDER. Cover is automatically inserted every time book binding is finished.
  • Book Main Glue & Side Glue. The main bookstore roller and the side gluing device are separated. Use different kinds of glue to complete the binding with excellent quality.
  • Book Elevator. You can load books stably every time one book is finished.
  • Book Thickness Control. Control the height of the book thickness, if the cover is thick, turn to the right to adjust. Turn it to the left to make the book angled, and turn it to the right to make the book round.
  • Cover & spine of book position control. You can easily adjust the position of the spine of book by lifting the cover and adjusting the cover up and down.
  • Milling + Scraping. A blade with a powerful motor scratched the bottom of the book. The glue is firmly attached to the book, so that the page of the book does not flare and can be attached to the cover.
  • VACUUM. Vacuum sucks dust that after cutting spine of book, and can drain to keep the binding machine and workplace clean.
  • Double Cylinder. Before manuscript pressured with a cylinder, now manuscript pressured with front and back two cylinders.

Get professional results every time with the new Coverbind CPB3SGCFC Perfect Binder with Side Gluing, Cover Feeder, and Creaser. It is easy to use and will offer flawless binding in a variety of circumstances. The cover feeder and creaser will automatically attach the cover after the bookbinding is complete, allowing you to go on to the next step in the process. For the purpose of joining the book cover and spine, glue is applied uniformly with the aid of the main bookshop roller, two distinct glue tanks, and a side glue device. Turn the dial to the right to swiftly alter the thickness of the book or to the left to fast alter its form. Simply raising the cover will allow you to reposition the spine. This binding machine's scraping and milling procedure enhances the bond between the cover and the booklet. Additionally, it contains a suction mechanism that collects dust and other particles after the book's spine has been cut, keeping your machine and work area tidy. Completion books may be stacked easily in a loading box with this tool. You can work quickly and effectively with this booklet-making instrument, which is widely regarded as the best EVA binder on the market.


  • AUTOMATICALLY CREASE AND FEED COVERS: The machine automatically feeds covers through, and you may program up to 10 crease places.
  • AUTOMATIC COVER FEEDER: Thanks to the embedded sensors, which also ensure that any duplicate or missing coverings are discovered, the cover is fed in automatically once it is ready. 
  • CREASING BAR: It's possible to rotate the creasing bar four times, each achieving a different depth of crease. 
  • DEDICATED GLUE TANKS: There are two glue tanks, each with a particular function for attaching the cover or spine. 
  • CONVEYOR BELT: Books are placed onto a conveyor and stacked into a bin before being gently lowered using an elevator to make it easier for the operator to unload. 
  • NIPPING TABLE: The height of the nipping table may be easily adjusted using a numbered dial to control how to square the book spine is. 
  • NOTCHING & MILLING: To improve adhesive bonding, the bottom of the book has been cut and notched by a milling blade driven by a powerful motor. 
  • BUILT-IN VACUUM: Any debris produced by the milling and notching is sucked away by a vacuum. 
  • VARIOUS OPERATING MODES: Without using the cover feeder or creaser, the machine may be run manually. a semi-automatic option uses creasing and the cover feeder. The device can be fully automated so that it starts working as soon as the user places the book into the clamp, or it can be operated manually by pressing a button each time. 


Item # 04TPTC5700C
Manufacturer Coverbind
Binding Speed Up to 300 Cycles/hr
Max Book Thickness 1-3/4” (44.5mm)
Max Spine Length 12.5” (32cm)
Min. Book Size 4-¼" unbound x 7” spine (when using the cover feeder)
Cover Size Max 12.6” spine x 18.9”
Roughing Blade Milling & 2 Heavy Duty Notching Pins
Rollers 2 Glue, 1 Metering & Side Glue Tank
Modes of Operation Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Manual
Nipper Control 8 Second Maximum Dwell Time, Adjustable Nipper Height
Compatible Supplies Coverbind Premium Perfect Bind Adhesive and Coverbind Standard Perfect Bind Adhesive.
Power Consumption 6Kw
Power 220~240V / 50-60 Hz
Machine Weight 850 lbs.
Shipping weight 1,144 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 84” x 45” x 56”
Warm up time 50-60min
Display LCD, 4-line display
Manufacturer's Warranty 90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty
Shipping Method Freight Truck


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