Custom Spiral Binding Plastic Coils

Custom Spiral Binding Plastic Coils
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Custom Spiral Binding Plastic Coils

Brand: Spiral
  • Wide selection of customization opportunities for spiral binding coils.
  • Made of a durable and flexible plastic.
  • Can be ordered in nearly any length, which can eliminate the hassle and waste normally associated with cutting to size.
  • Minimum Order Requirement: 100 Coils.


If you want something more unique than traditional plastic coil bindings, then consider ordering custom spiral binding coils today. We can customize these binding coils in several ways: by custom-cutting them to any length of your choosing, by offering a selection of special-order colors, or by creating a completely custom colored coil to match your needs precisely. Keep reading to learn more about customization opportunities, or call our sales team at 800-631-3572 to request a price quote now.

Custom-Cut Binding Coils:
Let us custom-cut coils to your needs and save your staff the hassle, strain, and frustration involved with cutting by hand. Custom sizes can also help you eliminate the waste traditionally associated with cutting standard length coils to-size. For example, if you are using our 36" long spiral binding coils to create two 14" legal size books, you are left with about 4" of waste after crimping and cutting the ends*. If you order custom cut coils in a 16" length for your 14" books*, however, that waste will be eliminated. With a minimum requirement of just one box (100 coils), there is no reason not to order custom cut lengths for your unique book sizes. Minimum orders start at 100 coils.
Special-Order Binding Coil Colors:
Because we offer special-order colors, you have a greater selection of colors to choose from that offer a fairly quick lead time, without the potentially long production time of a completely custom color. This also gives you more variety and opportunity to match your company or school colors, while still offering a low minimum order of just one box, which is 100 coils. Typically special-order colors can ship within one week, however, that may vary depending on the production schedule at the time of the order. When you request your quote, we can include a more accurate lead time. We offer 12 special order binding coil colors for your convenience. You can order our elegant pearl white binding coils to add a touch of class to presentations, restaurant menus, and more. Or you could use bright and cute yellow, pink, or baby blue coils for baby books. Or try gold, leaf green, orange, or royal blue coil bindings to match your school colors and create training manuals, art books, and so much more. We also offer teal, purple, charcoal, and brown coil bindings. Minimum orders start at 100 coils.

No matter what kind of custom binding coil you choose, we have the machinery and resources to produce low volume runs, up to very large high-production runs, without ever sacrificing quality and precision. All custom opportunities are available for every size of coil, including the smallest 6 mm coils (1/4") up to the largest 50 mm coils (2"). We also offer quantity discount pricing for bulk orders. Every order is unique, so to request your quote, call our sales team at (866) 537-2244.

To select the proper size coil for your book, use our capacity chart below, which displays all of the coil sizes available, the average sheet capacity of that coil using standard 20# bond copy paper, and how that converts into an approximate book thickness. Keep in mind that the book thickness is based on a loose stack, so should not be pressed down on your book pages when measuring their thickness.

Coil Binding Capacity Chart:

Simple steps to get the proper fit for any type of binding - Coil, Comb, or Wire.
  1. Take the book being bound and lay it flat on a table
  2. Don't compress the paper and measure the thickness of the binding edge
  3. Take the measurement and add 1/8" - that will be the size of the binding element

* Note: the capacities listed below are approximations, determined using standard 20 lb. bond copy paper; the actual sheet capacity will vary depending on the materials being bound.

SizeSheet Capacity*Stack Capacity*Packaged Quantity
6mm5-35 Sheets5/32" Thick Stack100 Coils / Box
7mm36-47 Sheets3/16" Thick Stack100 Coils / Box
8mm48-60 Sheets1/4" Thick Stack100 Coils / Box
9mm61-70 Sheets9/32" Thick Stack100 Coils / Box
10mm71-80 Sheets5/16" Thick Stack100 Coils / Box
11mm81-90 Sheets3/8" Thick Stack100 Coils / Box
12mm91-100 Sheets13/32" Thick Stack100 Coils / Box
13mm101-110 Sheets7/16" Thick Stack100 Coils / Box
14mm111-120 Sheets15/32" Thick Stack100 Coils / Box
15mm121-130 Sheets1/2" Thick Stack100 Coils / Box
16mm131-140 Sheets9/16" Thick Stack100 Coils / Box
18mm151-160 Sheets5/8" Thick Stack100 Coils / Box
20mm161-170 Sheets11/16" Thick Stack100 Coils / Box
22mm181-200 Sheets3/4" Thick Stack100 Coils / Box
25mm211-230 Sheets13/16" Thick Stack100 Coils / Box
28mm231-250 Sheets7/8" Thick Stack100 Coils / Box
30mm251-270 Sheets1" Thick Book100 Coils / Box
32mm271-290 Sheets1 116" Thick Stack100 Coils / Box
35mm291-320 Sheets1 ¼" Thick Stack100 Coils / Box
38mm300-320 Sheets1 ⅜" Thick Stack100 Coils / Box
40mm321-350 Sheets1 ½" Thick Stack100 Coils / Box
45mm351-390 Sheets1 916" Thick Stack50 Coils / Box
50mm391-440 Sheets1 ¾" Thick Stack50 Coils / Box


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