Fastback PowisPrinter P31 Foil Cartridges

Fastback PowisPrinter P31 Foil Cartridges
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Fastback PowisPrinter P31 Foil Cartridges

Brand: Fastback
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Pair these foil cartridges with your PowisPrinter P31. They are perfect for printing titles on the spines of your documents, reports, or presentations. The top-quality foil is permanently stamped onto the strip and designed not to flake-off, offering a clean and consistent stamp. Each cartridge yields approximately 200 narrow strips with average coverage.

Choose from several colors, including: black matte, white matte, silver metallic, gold metallic, red metallic, and green metallic. These foil cartridges offer easy clip-in install into your PowisPrinter P31 and let you print exceptional quality foils on your Fastback linen SuperStrip or Composition Leatherflex strips in all widths.

When a document is on the shelf, its spine becomes its most important asset. The PowisPrinter P31 lets you add dazzling foil titles to the spines of your tape-bound books and documents so they can be easily identified. Simply design your cover or spine and print it out. Unlike traditional foil stamping, you don't need to make a die or wait for days— you go from concept to finished cover or spine in less than two minutes.

Key Features:

  • Fastback 'clip-in' foil cartridges for the Powis P31 Spine Strip printer.
  • Customize your Fastback bound strip documents by foil printing artwork, logos and text from your computer, on the spines of your work.
  • Genuine Powis tape cartridges with metallic barcode reading.
  • Use with Fastback® binding strips: Composition Leatherflex and Linen Superstrips.
  • Compatible with PC & Macintosh computers.

* Yield results may vary depending on the image and text coverage requirements.


Item #56PPFC-GRP
ManufacturerPowis Parker
Manufacturer Part NumberC001 C007 C008 C023 C033 C052
ColorBlack Matte, White Matte, Silver Metallic, Gold Metallic, Red Metallic, Green Metallic
Compatible EquipmentPowisPrinter P31
Compatible SuppliesFastback Linen SuperStrip & Composition Leatherflex Strips
Unit of MeasureBox


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