Replacement Ink Tray & Pad for iJet Color

Replacement Ink Tray & Pad for iJet Color
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Replacement Ink Tray & Pad for iJet Color

Item #: 84PWIJITP
Product Name Item Number Price Qty
Module Cap Assembly for iJet Color 84PWIJWIMODC Request Quote
Wiper Roller for iJet Color 84PWIJWIPER Request Quote
Wiper Module Assembly For iJet Color 84PWIJWIPMOD Request Quote
Waste Ink Pad (no tray) for iJetColor & NXT Printer 84PWIJWP Request Quote
Service Tray Wiper for iJetColorPro HP 84PWISERVTRYHP Request Quote


Consistent high-quality results can be expected from iJet Color, through maintenance and ensuring that the parts are functional and not overused. Constant assessment and checking of the equipment and the Replacement Ink Tray & Pad for iJet Color will ensure its long use. Our additional products have high absorption quality to eliminate grime and waste inks to ensure optimal results. The tool can be readily changed as it is identifiable if the lifespan has been reached.


Item # 84PWIJITP
Manufacturer Printware
Product Type Ink Tray & Pad
Compatible Equipment iJet Color Pro 1175HP


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