Olfa Green Self-Healing Cutting Mats

Olfa Green Self-Healing Cutting Mats
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Olfa Green Self-Healing Cutting Mats

Brand: Olfa
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OLFA green cutting mats offer a triple-layer 3mm material that offers self-healing for bounce-back and a long life. This self-healing material can literally heal itself from light cuts and dents under normal use. The surface is non-stick so you can more easily move your items around. These green-colored cutter mats feature grid-lines that make it easy to create perfectly aligned cuts with accurate finishing. These cutter mats are heavy-duty to withstand daily use with utility and artist knives, as well as rotary and specialty cutters. They protect your work surface, while also extending the life of your blades and offering easy alignment for beautiful finishing. Olfa green cutting mats are perfect for professional and personal users.


Key Features:

  • Solid green color
  • Professional-quality grid lines for perfectly accurate cuts
  • Various sizes to choose from to fit your workspace
  • Self-healing material offers a long-life
  • Protect your work surface from your blades, while also reducing wear to the blade for a longer life


Tip: Store the mat flat and out of direct sunlight when not in use

Cutting Mats are made up of a unique self healing composite material which offers a non-stick, non-marring surface. These professional cutting mats are self-healing on both sides, meaning that they will literally heal themselves from the light cuts and dents caused by average use. They are impervious to cuts, abrasions, & liquid spills, and they will not dull the blade in use. These features provide you with the "brand new" product look, feel, and performance... even after months of use. All Cutting Mats feature 1" grid lines and 1/4" graduations on the base and left-hand vertical edges; so measuring your items has never been easier. Self Healing Cutting Mats are perfect for using as a desk blotter, work surface, and so much more. The translucent cutting mats are made of the same tough self healing material as the colored mats but are translucent to provide a reversible cutting surface for light boxes and tabletops.


Manufacturer Part NumberOLF-GCM
Quantity1 Cutting Mat
MaterialTriple-Layer Heat Welded Vinyl
SizeChoose from 12" x 18", 18" x 24", and 24" x 36"


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