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Booklet makers are designed to make creating small documents and booklets effortless. Improve production time with our easy to use booklet machines. Minimal work is required in order for you to create a professional trimmed booklet. These machines staple, some may stitch, your documents down the spine and folds them for a finished look. We even carry Desktop Bookletmakers conventional for small work environments (churches, schools, on-demand print shops, etc.)

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Capacity: Staples / Stitching Wire  

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  1. MBM SF2 StitchFold-2 Bookletmaker

    • Uses patented magnetic stitching head technology, providing the reliability and economy of wire stitching. Dual sets of folding rollers assure consistent, professional results.
    • Replaces expensive preformed staples with inexpensive bookbinding wire; you save on material costs and nonproductive downtime.
    • Speed: 2,300 Booklets / Hour
    • Capacity: 25 Sheets [20 lb. Bond Paper]
    Product Name Item Number Price Qty
    MBM StitchFold 2 Booklet Maker (for hand feed off-line use) 1 /Each 04MBMSTITCHHF Request Quote
    MBM StitchFold-2 Booklet Maker (For use In-Line w/ Collators) 1 /Each 04MBMSTITCH Request Quote
  2. MBM StitchFold Face Trimmer 1 /Each

    • Used to create perfectly square finished booklets, without the imperfect registration that occurs naturally when pages are folded together.
    • Offers you reliability and versatility that improves production and reduces downtime.
    • Speed: 2,300 booklets/ hour
    • Sheet Size: 4" x 8-3/4" - 12-11/16" x 18-1/4"
  3. Formax Square iT2 Square Back Booklet Finisher 1 /Each

    • Guides users through the finishing process with text and bold graphics
    • Squares bindings on booklets up to 50 folded and stapled sheets / 200 page booklets of 20# Bond sheets
    • Produces a square binding and face trims in a single pass
    • Multiple functions in a small footprint
  4. MBM Face Trimmer for Sprint Booklet Makers 1 /Each

    • Gives your the ability to automatically trim down the edges of your booklet as they exit onto the conveyor.
    • Compatible with the MBM Sprint booklet making systems
    • The fold can remove perfect registration on the open-edge of your booklet.
    • Will even out those edges for a perfectly square booklet, every time.
  5. MBM Sprint 3000 Bookletmaker 1 /Each

    • Will jog, staple and fold your documents to make perfect booklets in one operation.
    • Set-up and adjustments are easy, making this a very user-friendly booklet maker.
    • Two stapling heads and four stapling positions gives you more versatility than most other booklet making machines.
    • Speed: Up to 1,500 Sheets / Hour
  6. Formax Square IT Square Binding Edge Booklet Finisher 1 /Each

    • Creates a square back on pre-stapled booklets
    • Compact, rugged unit in a small footprint
    • Capacity: Up to 24 sheets of 20# bond / 80gsm
    • Speed: Up to 1,800 books per hour
  7. Optional Adjustable Stand for Square It 1 /Each

    • Convenient stand
    • Compatible with Formax Square IT Square Binding Edge Booklet Finisher
    • Brings system to a comfortable working height
    • Can help add efficiency to your finishing process
  8. Lassco Wizer W110 Replacement Stapling Head for MBM Sprint Booklet Maker

    • Product Type: Replacement Stapling Head
    • For use with MBM Sprint or O & M System 60 Booklet Maker

8 Items

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