ClipsShop Self-Piercing Grommet Dies

ClipsShop Self-Piercing Grommet Dies
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ClipsShop Self-Piercing Grommet Dies

Brand: ClipsShop
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ClipsShop self-piercing grommet dies take a traditional two-step process, consisting of hole cutting and grommet setting separately, and eliminate half the time by combining them so you can quickly and conveniently punch the hole and set the grommet in one-step. Use the dies with any of our grommets in the corresponding size, and create professional and cleanly set grommets faster than ever before. These grommet press dies are compatible with a large selection of our quality ClipsShop brand grommet presses, and are made of a combination of metals, including stainless steel, making them very strong and offering a long life. They work great with traditional grommetting materials, such as banners, vinyl signs, laminated sheets, coated papers, fabrics, and more. They can also be used with a variety of more unique materials*. These grommet die tools are available in a large selection of sizes, from as small as #XX00 dies (1/8") up to #5.5 dies (11/16"). Ready to speed up production and create the cleanest and most accurate grommets for your print and sign shop? Buy ClipsShop self-piercing grommet dies online below.

Be sure that you have one grommet die for each different size of grommet you are using, as they are only compatible with their corresponding grommet sizes. For example, a #3 (7/16") grommet die will only work with the #3 (7/16") grommets. If you need to do both #3 and #2 grommets, then you will need to buy ClipsShop grommet dies for both. But don't worry, die change out is simple and fast for most machines, so switching from size to size is easy.

Compatible ClipsShop Grommet Press Machines

Not all grommet dies are compatible with all machines. ClipsShop dies are proprietary and only compatible with particular ClipsShop grommet presses. Check the above chart for compatibility and note that once a die is ordered, opened and used, it cannot be returned (return policy). Call (866)537-2244 if you have any questions.

#XX00 (1/8") 
#X00 (11/64") 
#00 (3/16") 
#0 (1/4") 
#1 (5/16")
#2 (3/8")
#3 (7/16") 
#5.5 (11/16")  
#7.5 (1")     
#8.5 (1 ")     
#12 (1 ½")     

* Results may vary depending on the material being grommetted. Hole cutting prior to grommet setting may still be required for tough materials.


Manufacturer Part NumberGROMDIE GRP
Quantity1 Die
Compatible EquipmentVaries Depending on Size
[Check Compatibility Chart in Description]
MaterialStainless Steel
Product TypeGrommet Dies
Shipping Weight (lbs)0


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