Keencut Excalibur 5000 Vertical Cutter Blades & Accessories

Keencut Excalibur 5000 Vertical Cutter Blades & Accessories
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Keencut Excalibur 5000 Vertical Cutter Blades & Accessories

Brand: Keencut
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Product NameItem NumberPriceQty
Keencut Medium Duty Blades 100 /Box05KCMDBLADE Request Quote
Superior Quality 080 Blades (box of 100) 05KCHDBLADE Request Quote
Tungsten Carbide Glass Cutting Wheel 1 /Each05EXCALTCCUT Request Quote
Stand for Keencut Excalibur Cutters (Excalibur 1000X, Excalibur 5000, Excalibur 3S) Item#04EXCALFSK04EXCALFSK- Request Quote


Our manufacturer-direct Excalibur 5000 replacement blades are available in a many different styles for various material cutting needs. Whether you are working with foam core board, corrugated plastic, acrylic, glass, or a variety of other sign materials, the Excalibur 5000 will deliver a clean and accurate cut when using a new, sharp blade. The most popular blades for general purpose cutting are the medium duty blades (CA50-0198), but Superior Quality Blades are also available for harder or tougher materials (CA50-010). We also offer acrylic scoring blades (SCO), replacement cutting wheels (EXCOW), and a glass cutting wheel (CA50-015) for your variety of substrate cutting needs. This selection of replacement blades available enables your Excalibur 5000 vertical cutter to handle a huge variety of substrates, including foam boards, corrugated plastics, and more, making them perfect for sign and print shops.

We also offer a free standing kit (FSK160) that your Keencut Excalibur 5000 can be mounted to, which includes a back leg and connector unit. This stand kit allows you to use the cutter wherever you want it in your shop, rather than being limited to mounting it to the wall. The 5000 cutter stand is strong and level, ensuring your cut remains perfectly accurate.

Excalibur 5000 Compatible Blades

Blade Item NumberBlade DescriptionQuantity / Box
05KCMDBLADE (CA50-019)Medium Duty Blades100 Blades / Box
05KCHDBLADE (CA50-010)Heavy Duty Blades / Superior Quality Utility Blades100 Blades / Box
05EXCALSCORE (SCO)Acrylic Scoring Blades5 Blades / Box

Excalibur 5000 Stand Kit & Accessories

Accessory Item NumberDescriptionQuantity / Box
04EXCALFSK (FSK160)Free Standing Kit for Cutter
(Includes Back Leg and Connector)
1 Stand Kit
05EXCALCUTWL (EXCOW)Replacement Cutting Wheels (Gold Head Only)1 Set (2 Wheels)
05EXCALTCCUT (CA50-015)Glass Cutting Wheel1 Wheel

Blades are a normal wearable part, and one of the most important pieces of your Excalibur 5000 Keencut cutter. A new, sharp blade will create an accurate cut on all of your materials, and will allow for smooth motion from the beginning to the end of your cut, eliminating nicks and rough edges. We all know that using dull blades can create messy edges on your cut materials, but did you know that they can also cause damage and wear to your Excalibur 5000 cutter by causing undue strain? This, in addition to the highest quality finished cut, are the most important reasons why using a new, sharp blade is important. Always be sure you are using a sharp blade as the most cost-effective way to keep your cutter at peak performance.

* Some blades may not be compatible with all cutters listed. Check, the compatibility chart above or refer to your cutter user manual for compatibility.


Item #04EXCAL5000AC-GRP
Compatible EquipmentExcalibur 5000 Vertical Cutter


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