4:1 Black 12" Spiral Plastic Coils

4:1 Black 12" Spiral Plastic Coils
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4:1 Black 12" Spiral Plastic Coils

Brand: Spiral
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Spiral Plastic Coil 4:1 12" [Black, 6 mm (1/4")] 100 /Box334106BLAC Request Quote
Spiral Plastic Coil 4:1 12" [Black, 7 mm (9/32")] 100 /Box334107BLAC Request Quote
Spiral Plastic Coil 4:1 12" [Black, 8 mm (5/16")] 100 /Box334108BLAC Request Quote
Spiral Plastic Coil 4:1 12" [Black, 9 mm (23/64")] 100 /Box334109BLAC Request Quote
Spiral Plastic Coil 4:1 12" [Black, 10 mm (3/8")] 100 /Box334110BLAC Request Quote
Spiral Plastic Coil 4:1 12" [Black, 11 mm (7/16")] 100 /Box334111BLAC Request Quote
Spiral Plastic Coil 4:1 12" [Black, 12 mm (1/2")] 100 /Box334112BLAC Request Quote
Spiral Plastic Coil 4:1 12" [Black, 13 mm (17/32")] 100 /Box334113BLAC Request Quote
Spiral Plastic Coil 4:1 12" [Black, 14 mm (9/16")] 100 /Box334114BLAC Request Quote
Spiral Plastic Coil 4:1 12" [Black, 15 mm (19/32")] 100 /Box334115BLAC Request Quote
Spiral Plastic Coil 4:1 12" [Black, 16 mm (5/8")] 100 /Box334116BLAC Request Quote
Spiralastic Plastic Coil 4:1 12" [Black, 17 mm (43/64")] 100 /Box334117BLAC Request Quote
Spiral Plastic Coil 4:1 12" [Black, 18 mm (23/32")] 100 /Box334118BLAC Request Quote
Spiral Plastic Coil 4:1 12" [Black, 20 mm (3/4")] 100 /Box334120BLAC Request Quote
Spiral Plastic Coil 4:1 12" [Black, 22 mm (7/8")] 100 /Box334122BLAC Request Quote
Spiral Plastic Coil 4:1 12" [Black, 25 mm (1")] 100 /Box334125BLAC Request Quote
Spiral Plastic Coil 4:1 12" [Black, 28 mm (1-1/8")] 100 /Box334128BLAC Request Quote
Spiral Plastic Coil 4:1 12" [Black, 30 mm (1-3/16")] 100 /Box334130BLAC Request Quote
Spiral Plastic Coil 4:1 12" [Black, 32 mm (1-1/4")] 100 /Box334132BLAC Request Quote
Spiral Plastic Coil 4:1 12" [Black, 35 mm (1-3/8")] 100 /Box334135BLAC Request Quote
Spiral Plastic Coil 4:1 12" [Black, 38 mm (1-1/2")] 100 /Box334138BLAC Request Quote
Spiral Plastic Coil 4:1 12" [Black, 40 mm (1-5/8")] 100 /Box334140BLAC Request Quote
Spiral Plastic Coil 4:1 12" [Black, 45 mm] 50 /Box334145BLAC Request Quote
Spiral Plastic Coil 4:1 12" [Black, 50 mm (2")] 50 /Box334150BLAC Request Quote


Spiral binding plastic coils are one of the most popular traditional binding methods available. They consist of a continuous spiraled coil that is made of durable and flexible plastic and is rolled into holes along a binding edge. Spiral binding coils offer a modern bookbinding alternative when compared to traditional plastic comb spines, while still being affordable and easy to use.

Another benefit of spiral binding coils over many other binding methods is that coil-bound books have the ability to flip pages completely around a full 360 degrees without damaging the contents, so they can lay flat and stay flat. This allows your book pages to flip all the way around from front to back for easy readability. The spines also bounce-back to their original shape, even after heavy use and bending.

Plus, the plastic material can easily be sanitized between users (just pair with contents that are laminated / fully encapsulated for an easy-to-clean solution to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses).

If you are ready for one of the most durable binding spines available, then buy color spiral binding plastic coils online at Spiral today. We have a huge selection of coil binders in-stock and ready for fast shipping to your home or office. Plus,. custom cut lengths and special order colors are also available for your individual preferences.

Need some help choosing the right size for your individual needs? Read our guide below that can help you determine what kinds of coils you should select. Or, if you still need help, give our representatives a call at (866) 537-2244 .

How do I choose a spiral coil?

We offer a huge selection of spiral binding coils for you to choose from, most stocked in all our nation-wide USA warehouses for fast shipment and delivery. There are four different categories of coil to choose from, including the length of the coil, the pitch (hole spacing), the diameter (or coil size), and the color. Here are the steps to follow for how to choose the binding coils you need to buy.

1) Choose a Coil Length

Spiral binding coils are stocked in 12-inch and 36-inch lengths.

  • 12" coils are made for letter-size pages and are the most popular choice. The extra inch of length leaves you with a half-inch on each edge of your book, which is just enough space for you to cut and crim-in the edges.
  • 36" length are a bit more specialty, primarily used by print shops are those wanting to make multiple books from one single-coil spine. 36-inch length coils are also great for oversize and jumbo books. They also allow users with smaller or more unique document sizes to create more books from one long coil, reducing waste.

Need a different length? You can easily cut down the above-stocked coil lengths to the size you need, but sometimes that is not the most efficient option for larger quantities. If you need 100 or more coils of a specific length, consider custom cut coils instead. And remember to order 1" longer than your document length so you have that extra 1/2" on each end that allows for cutting/crimping in and finishing the bind.

Choose from 12 inch, 36 inch, or custom length spiral coil bindingsChoose from 12 inch, 36 inch, or custom length spiral coil bindings

2) Choose a Coil Pitch

Pitch refers to the holes-per-inch or the hole spacing. It is reflected in a ratio that includes the number of holes, a punctuation colon, and then the inch measurement. For example: 4:1. This ratio is read aloud/pronounced as "four to one” and means that there are 4 holes for every 1 inch of length.

The standard pitch in the United States for the plastic coil is 4:1.

4:1 pitch binding coil spines are by far the most popular, as it is the standard spacing for coils in the United States. About 98% of our customers order 4:1 pitch spiral bindings. The 5:1 is a specialty spacing that is manufactured primarily for print shops that have specialty equipment for punching the pattern, and users who may have machines manufactured in other countries where the 5:1 spacing is more common. Some even more specialized machines will have other hole patterns for coil, such as 3:1, 2.5:1, and even 2.231mm. You will want to check your spiral binding machine for compatibility before you buy spiral binders online, though keep in mind that most machines are 4:1.

3) Choose a Coil Size (Diameter)

Now choose your coil size (diameter) for your document. You can use the coil bind capacity chart below to help choose the best size based on your stack thickness or your sheet capacity. Just note that the sheet capacity was calculated using sheets (not pages) that were all 20 lb. bond copy paper, without any covers; this means it can vary significantly depending on the stock you are using, which is why we recommend the stack thickness method instead. And remember: having a coil that is slightly too large is better than having a coil that is too small; a small coil won't allow pages to flip smoothly and can pinch them, tear more easily. So if you are between sizes, we recommend you size-up.

Size (Millimeter)Size (Inches)Stack Capacity (Inches)Sheet Capacity* (20 lb. Bond)Filament Diameter
6mm1/4"5/32" Thick Stack5-35 Sheets1.6mm
7mm9/32"3/16" Thick Stack36-47 Sheets1.6mm
8mm5/16"1/4" Thick Stack48-60 Sheets1.6mm
9mm23/64"9/32" Thick Stack61-70 Sheets1.75mm
10mm3/8"5/16" Thick Stack71-80 Sheets1.75mm
11mm7/16"3/8" Thick Stack81-90 Sheets1.75mm
12mm1/2"13/32" Thick Stack91-100 Sheets1.75mm
13mm17/32"7/16" Thick Stack101-110 Sheets2mm
14mm9/16"15/32" Thick Stack111-120 Sheets2mm
15mm19/32"1/2" Thick Stack121-130 Sheets2mm
16mm5/8"9/16" Thick Stack131-140 Sheets2mm
17mm0.67"0.55" Thick Stack141-150 Sheets2mm
18mm23/32"5/8" Thick Stack151-160 Sheets2.08mm
19mm0.748"0.62" Thick Stack161-165 Sheets2.08mm
20mm3/4"11/16" Thick Stack161-170 Sheets2.08mm
22mm7/8"3/4" Thick Stack181-200 Sheets2.08mm
23mm9/10"4/5" Thick Stack201-210 Sheets2.08mm
25mm1"13/16" Thick Stack211-230 Sheets2.36mm
28mm1-1/8"7/8" Thick Stack231-250 Sheets2.36mm
30mm1-3/16"1" Thick Book251-270 Sheets2.36mm
32mm1-1/4"1-1/16" Thick Stack271-290 Sheets2.36mm
35mm1-3/8"1-1/4" Thick Stack291-300 Sheets2.36mm
38mm1-1/2"1-3/8" Thick Stack300-320 Sheets2.4mm
40mm1-9/16"1-1/2" Thick Stack321-350 Sheets2.4mm
45mm1-3/4"1-9/16" Thick Stack351-390 Sheets2.4mm
50mm2"1 -3/4" Thick Stack391-440 Sheets2.6mm


If you want an alternative solution to choose the best size, you can utilize this general rule of thumb:

  1. Take the pages and covers being bound and lay the stack flat on a table.
  2. Measure the thickness of the stack, but don’t press down; let it lay naturally loose.
  3. Add 1/8" to the stack thickness - that will be the size of the binding coil recommended for your document thickness.

4) Choose a Coil Color

Lastly, choose your coil binding comb color.

Stocked colors for most sizes and pitches include black, white, clear, royal blue, navy blue, red, and silver. The colors are solid, not coated, so even with heavy use and scratching, they will remain. Black coils are the most popular choice, while white and clear are close behind. Maroon and navy blue are popular choices for professional institutions, as they often match corporate branding. Red and royal blue are brighter and more vibrant than the others, so are more common for schools and other organizations where brighter colored coil bindings are needed.

Standard colors of spiral coils in stock at SpiralStandard colors of spiral coils in stock at Spiral

We also have a large collection of special-order colors that we can make your spines with. Below are just a few of the most popular more unique colors, including a bright canary yellow, baby pink, lilac purple, ocean teal, baby blue, neon green,  neon orange, and electric blue. In addition to these, we have charcoal coils, cream spines, dark pink spirals, and many more.

Most popular special-order colored coils for document bindingMost popular special-order colored coils for document binding
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If you have any questions or are still not sure what kind of coil to buy, please click the live chat button or call us at (866) 537-2244 for help.

Pros and Cons of Spiral Binding

We already know that coil binding is one of the most popular methods on the market in 2021. They are commonly used for brochures, reports, financial statements, manuals, calendars, cookbooks, children's books, marketing materials, and more. But why do they hold the largest market share in the bookbinding industry? In this quick overview, we will show you the pros and cons of this classic document binding spine solution.


Durable & Flexible - The plastic that coils are made of is incredibly flexible and durable. This means they can bounce around and bend, and still go back to their original shape. This makes them incredibly durable and resistant to damage that could harm the look and functionality of your presentation.

Easily Cleaned & Sanitized - The plastic material is easily cleaned and sanitized using any liquid cleaner of your choice. The plastic can easily air dry and be re-used by new people without having to worry about the spread of germs and viruses. If you plan to clean and reuse your coil books, be sure you also protect your pages by laminating them.

Pages Turn 360° - Page turning is extra convenient when they can flip the sheets all the way around so they sit back-to-back.

Affordable - Coil binding spines are incredibly affordable for users of all kinds with all budgets.

Several Lengths Available - This makes it easy to make any non-standard size book without wasting many coils.

Many Stocked Colors - There are eight stocked colored coils including black, white, clear, navy blue, blue, maroon, red, and forest green. 

Special-Order Colors Available - We can brand-match with our selection of special order coil colors with low minimum order requirements.


Plastic - Some users really don't like the look of plastic at all, and would do better with the premium finish that a metal spine would offer, such as a twin loop wire.

Inserting Troubles - Inserting the coils can be a bit of a hassle for some users, depending on the equipment available. Especially for thick books that use large diameter coils, rolling the spirals through all of those holes can take some time and fiddling.

3-Step Process - Some bindings like wire and comb have 2-steps; simply punch and bind. Coil, however, has 3 steps; punch, insert the coils, and crimp-in the ends. 

No Perfect Registration - Because of their spiraled design (and the angled rotation), coils are not optimal for projects requiring tight registration across spreads, as the pages do not align perfectly from side to side.

100pc Minimum - Depending on the size, coils will be packaged with either 100 or 50 spines per box. We can only sell full box quantities, so some individual users who just want to bind a couple of books would be better off getting their coil at a local print shop or having those businesses bind their books for them.



Top 5 Spiral Binding FAQs

1. What does “pitch” mean?

In simple terms, “pitch” refers to the hole spacing or the hole-punch pattern itself. 4:1 pitch is the standard for spiral binding coils, which means that there are 4 holes for every inch of binding. So an 11” binding edge would have either 43 or 44 holes, depending on the margin size.

2. How do I choose the right coil size?

Lay your stack of papers, including covers, on a table and measure the thickness, without pressing the stack down. Add 1/8 of an inch to that measurement and that is your recommended binding size. When in doubt, size up; a slightly too large coil is easily worked with, while a slightly too small coil makes it hard to turn pages and can rip your sheets when doing so.

3. Can I get a bulk discount?

Absolutely! We can typically begin offering discounted prices when you buy 10 or more boxes of one specific size and color of coils. Click the live chat button on your screen to request a quote.

4. What gauge is the coil?

The gauge of the coil —which refers to the thickness of the plastic— starts at 63 and thickens as the coils get larger, topping off at 103 gauge.

5. What is the largest book I can make with coil?

The largest binding coil is 50mm or 2 inches, which will hold about 440 sheets of copy paper or about a 1 and 3/4 inch thick book. It is one of the largest capacity spine-binding options on the market, with the exception of traditional 3-ring binders.

Shop Spiral Coil Bind MachinesShop Spiral Coil Bind Machines

From our Blog: Binding University

Looking for more helpful information? Spend some time combing (no pun intended)  through our blog, aptly titled Binding University, where you can find endless resources when it comes to documentation binding, lamination or finishing, and so much more. Here are a few of our most popular articles that cover various topics specifically related to spiral coil binding.


* The sheet capacity rating above was calculated using all 20 lb. bond paper, with no covers and no other paper stocks. The actual sheet capacity will vary depending on what paper stock and covers you are using. For this reason, we recommend you use the stack capacity for a more accurate fit. All of these capacities are approximations. If you are between sizes, we recommend you size-up to allow for easier page-turning.


SizeChoose from 6mm to 50mm (1/4" to 2")
Sheet Capacity*Up to 440 Sheets (Depending on Size; 20 lb. bond paper)
Recommended Book ThicknessUp to 1-3/4" (Depending on Size; Loose Stack)
Pitch4:1 (Standard/Most Common)
Length12" (for Standard Letter Size Documents)
Maximum Binding Edge11"
Filament Diameter**1.6mm to 2.6mm (Depending on Size)
Binding StyleSpiral Binding / Plastic Coil
Quantity100 or 50 Coil Spines per Box (Depending on Size)


How to Bind Using Plastic Coil


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