Plastic Coil Inserters

Speed up productivity with an efficient easy-to-use Plastic Coil Inserter. All you need to do is just start the coil and let the spiral coil inserter take care of the rest. Also known as coil inserters or coil rollers, these machines make coil inserting surprisingly fast and easy. Some of the binding machines include a cutter and crimper installed within the mechanism while other coil rollers have a manual cutter crimper. Coil inserters are perfect for any place that already has coil binding punch equipment. Create a complete station with add-on models for binding and punch equipment that we also carry. Spiral Binding is your one stop shop for all your binding needs.



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  1. GBC CC2700 Modular Electric Coil Inserter - 7301080

    • Can be stacked on any GBC modular punch
    • Binds books from 3" wide to 12" wide
    • Up to a 1" binding capacity
    • Documents lay flat or fully wrap around for easy use.
  2. Cutting & Crimping Pliers For Spiral Binding Coil

    • Recommended for coil sizes up to 32 mm
    • Designed to cut & crimp plastic spiral binding coil elements with one quick squeeze of your hand
    • Inexpensive and easy way to finish your coil bound books
    • Quantity: 1
    Product NameItem NumberPriceQty
    Hand Cutter Crimper Pliers For Plastic Coil 1 /Each05HANDCRMP Request Quote
    Large Coil Hand Cutter Crimper Pliers for 32mm To 50mm Coils05HANDCRIMPLG Request Quote
  3. PBS Industrial Dual Roller Coil Inserter

    • Small and compact
    • No limit on binding edge
    • Handles coil diameters from 6 mm up to 32 mm
    • Large top surface for workspace
  4. PBS 1650 Total Koil Binder - Model B (4:1 .250, 3:1, 2.5:1 coil)

    • Can bind books up to 350 books per hour
    • Can bind books with coil diameters from 6 mm through 50 mm
    • Comes complete with: Set of 21 Spine Formers and Photo Instructions.
    • Foot Pedal Operated.
  5. PBS 1650 Total Koil Binder - Model A (.2475 / 3:1 pitch coil)

    • Can bind books up to 350 books per hour
    • Can bind books with coil diameters from 6 mm through 50 mm
    • Comes complete with: Set of 21 Spine Formers and Photo Instructions.
    • Foot Pedal Operated.
  6. PBS 2300 Coil Inserter and Crimper

    • No. of Books Output per hr: Up to 300
    • Coil Capabilities: 6mm to 30mm (1/8" to 1" book thickness)
    • Binding Edge Capabilities: No Min / No Max
    • No tools required for basic setup and changeover
  7. James Burn CB30QS Automatic Coil Inserter & Crimper

    • Speed: Up to 600 Books per Hour
    • Compatible Coils: 8 to 20 mm Plastic Coils (up to 30mm with large coil kit)
    • Paper Size: 5"-12" or 17" Binding Edge (Depending on Model)
    • Choose from 12" or 17" models
  8. James Burn Koilmatic Tabletop Coil Inserter & Crimper 1 /Each

    • Paper Size: 8 1/2", 11", A5, & A4 Binding Edges
    • Maximum Book Thickness: Up to 5/8" Thick
    • Speed: Up to 450 Books per Hour
    • Setup Time: Less than 5 Minutes
  9. GBC CI12 Elec. Coil inserter & 2 Sided Manual Crimper 1 /Each

    • Multiple spine-size settings for faster operation
    • Adjustable cutting and crimping for secure results
    • Ergonomic lever ensures smooth and easy crimping
    • Binds sheets up to 12"
  10. Rhin-O-Tuff Onyx HD4170 Rhin-O-Roll Coil Inserter 1 /Each

    • Features two 12" dual powered rollers.
    • Lower roller is adjustable allowing you to set it for different coil sizes, making inserting extremely easy, accurate and efficient.
    • Can be used as a stand-alone coil inserter for assembly-line use.
    • Includes free crimper pliers and a built-in storage holder.
  11. CI-3000 Plastic Coil Inserter 1 /Each

    • Set of Coil Mandrels With Convenient Holder
    • Natural Rubber Drive Wheel Will Not Mar Coil Finish
    • Split Book Operation for Easy Inserting of Larger Coils
  12. Marlon EZ Flex 100 Coil Insert 1 /Each

    • Binds thick books up to 2"
    • Inserts coil of all sizes and pitches.
    • Switch sizes with the turn of a knob.
    • Use all sizes of SlanTis Binding Sleeves.
  13. Rhin-O-Tuff HD-e4100 Econo-Roll Electric Plastic Coil Inserter 1 /Each

    • Economical and high-quality electric plastic coil inserter
    • Works with all plastic coil diameters and pitches
    • An adjustable lower roller ensures more accuracy and faster coil insertion
    • Features a unique Rhin-O-Roll Gripping Roller
  14. Akiles Finish@Coil-E1 Electric Coil Inserter & Cutter Crimper 1 /Each

    • Easiest-to-use spiral binding finisher that you can find on the market today.
    • Providing the maximum productivity & best results while requiring minimum efforts from the operator.
    • Operating: Electric
    • Compatible Supplies & Accessories: 4:1 Pitch Spiral Binding Coils
  15. Finish@Coil M Electric Coil Insert w/ Manual Crimp Pliers 1 /Each

    • Electric inserting rollers / manual crimping.
    • Foot pedal operation leaves both hands free to handle your book.
    • Included cutter crimper pliers and storage compartment.
    • Adjustable roller for different coil diameters.
  16. Roll@Coil Electric Inserter w/ Foot Pedal 1 /Each

    • Fast and efficient electric coil inserting machine that will speed up the process of binding, as compared with manually rolling the coils in.
    • Use it with spiral coils from 6mm to 30mm.
    • Operating: Electric
    • Binding Capacity: 230 Sheets
  17. SlanTIS Coil Binding Sleeve Spine Formers

    • Create the perfect spine curve for various coil binding sizes
    • Speed up coil insertion, and eliminate hassle
    • Increasing production speeds an average of 60%
    • Choose from 3/4", 1", 1.25", 1.5", 1.75", ot 2"
    Product NameItem NumberPriceQty
    3/4" SlanTIS Coil Binding Sleeves - Clear 1 /Each05SLANTIS34 Request Quote
    1" SlanTIS Coil Binding Sleeves- Black 1 /Each05SLANTIS1 Request Quote
    1-1/4" SlanTIS Coil Binding Sleeves Green 1 /Each05SLANTIS114 Request Quote
    1-1/2" SlanTIS Coil Binding Sleeves-Yellow 1 /Each05SLANTIS112 Request Quote
    1-3/4" SlanTIS Coil Binding Sleeves - Blue 1 /Each05SLANTIS134 Request Quote
    2" SlanTIS Coil Binding Sleeves - Red 1 /Each05SLANTIS2 Request Quote

17 Items

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