Black Plastic Binding Combs (Price per Box)

Black Plastic Binding Combs (Price per Box)
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Black Plastic Binding Combs (Price per Box)

Brand: Spiral
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These black plastic binding combs are available in sizes as small as 1/4" binding combs that will bind up to about 25 sheets* of paper, up to as large as 2" for 425 sheets* of paper. Smaller sizes up to 1 ⅛ are round, while large binding comb sizes from 1 ¼" up to 2" are oval shaped, and feature three locks that help keep the comb closed securely around your pages. Sizes from 1/4" through 1 ½" are packaged with 100 binding combs per box, while 1 ¾" and 2" are packaged with 50 per box. We stock plastic binding combs in a large variety of colors such as black, clear, white, blue, gray, maroon,navy, red and hunter green.

The standard length for these traditional plastic binders is 11" with 19 total rings, perfect for standard letter size papers and books. Commonly used for cookbooks and children's books, plastic binding comb spines work perfectly when paired with one of our plastic comb binding machines. They are made of a durable PVC plastic that features a spine with rings attached that open on one side. The spine on plastic combs is one of the unique features that makes comb binders such a popular solution, because they can be custom printed with your company logo, school name, or book title. This economical binding method also allows for easy and fast book editing, as the combs can be re-opened and closed shut as many times as is needed without damaging the book pages.

When choosing your comb size, the best way to ensure the correct diameter of comb for your book is to assemble the entire book (including covers) and let it lay flat and loose on the table (do not press down) and measure the thickness of the stack. Then add 1/8" to that measurement to get the comb diameter recommendation. For example, if your book was 1" thick you would want a 1 " comb diameter size. If between sizes, we recommend you go with the larger option to ensure that your book pages will turn smoothly and easily. You can also use the chart below to choose a size based on approximate sheet capacity.

Comb Binding Capacity Chart:

Simple steps to get the proper fit for any type of binding - Coil, Comb, or Wire.
  1. Take the book being bound and lay it flat on a table
  2. Don't compress the paper and measure the thickness of the binding edge
  3. Take the measurement and add 1/8" - that will be the size of the binding element

* Note: the capacities listed below are approximations, determined using standard 20 lb. bond copy paper; the actual sheet capacity will vary depending on the materials being bound.

Comb Diameter Sheet Capacity* Book Thickness* Comb Shape Comb Locks Quantity / Box
1/4" 11 - 25 Sheets 1/8" Round None 100 Combs
5/16" 26 - 45 Sheets 3/16" Round None 100 Combs
3/8" 46 - 65 Sheets 1/4" Round None 100 Combs
7/16" 66 - 80 Sheets 5/16" Round None 100 Combs
1/2" 81 - 100 Sheets 3/8" Round None 100 Combs
9/16" 101 - 120 Sheets 7/16" Round None 100 Combs
5/8" 121 - 145 Sheets 1/2" Round None 100 Combs
3/4" 146 - 165 Sheets 5/8" Round None 100 Combs
7/8" 166 - 185 Sheets 3/4" Round None 100 Combs
1" 186 - 210 Sheets 7/8" Round None 100 Combs
1 ⅛" 211 - 235 Sheets 1" Round None 100 Combs
1 ¼" 236 - 260 Sheets 1 ⅛" Oval 3 Locks 100 Combs
1 ½" 261 - 310 Sheets 1 ⅜" Oval 3 Locks 100 Combs
1 ¾" 311 - 360 Sheets 1 ⅝ Oval 3 Locks 50 Combs
2" 361 - 425 Sheets 1 ⅞" Oval 3 Locks 50 Combs


Manufacturer Buy101
Binding Style Plastic Comb Binding
Color Black
Diameter 1/4" to 2"
Number of Rings 19 Rings
Maximum Binding Edge 11" Long
Pitch / Hole Pattern Plastic Comb [Rectangle Holes]
Sheet Capacity Varies Depending on Size
View the Chart in the Product Description for Details
Compatible Equipment Plastic Comb Binding Machines


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