Coverbind FlexiGlue Print On-Demand Thermal Binding Glue Strips (Price per Box)

Coverbind FlexiGlue Print On-Demand Thermal Binding Glue Strips (Price per Box)
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Coverbind FlexiGlue Print On-Demand Thermal Binding Glue Strips (Price per Box)

Brand: Coverbind
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With our new Coverbind FlexiGlue thermal binding glue strips, you can bring the strength and ease of Coverbind binding to any presentation covers of your choice. This creates endless opportunities for you, allowing you to use your own favorite cover stock, including premium custom printed covers or the Coverbind Print On-Demand thermal binding covers. Instead of sending your jobs out to a print shop, bind them in-house with these convenient glue strips, your own wrap-around covers, and a Coverbind thermal binding machine. These on-demand glue strips measure 10.25" long and are built for letter size 8 ½" x 11" portrait documents and can easily be cut-down for shorter binding edges with scissors, which means you can create smaller documents without hassle. To use these Coverbind FlexiGlue strips, simply design, print, and score your own custom cover, print the inner sheets to be bound, cut the glue strip to the desired length for your document, place the glue into the spine of your cover and place the inner sheets on top, then bind your cover with your Coverbind thermal binding machine. It is a simple, fast, and effective way to get the unheard of Coverbind strength-of-bind, with any cover stock your company uses.

How to Use Coverbind FlexiGlue Print On-Demand Glue Strips:

   ① Print your documents to be bound, including your cover sheets
   ② Score the cover to create the spine of your size choice
   ③ Cut the glue strip or sheet to fit and position on the cover spine
   ④ Insert your printed sheets into the cover and jog them straight
   ⑤ Place your cover into your Coverbind thermal binding machine

Coverbind FlexiGlue Features & Benefits:

   • Versatile - Binds hard and soft cover books of all kinds. Use with any cover of your choosing.
   • Strong - There is no stronger book binding glue on the market than Coverbind. Embeddes mesh and unique placed (not poured) strip design ensure a perfect and incredibly strong hold, even for extra thick books.
   • Used for Book Repair - FlexiGlue strips are very popular for schools, university book shops, and libraries to repair damaged books and make them strong again.

Coverbind FlexiGlue Capacity Chart

Glue ShapeSizeSheet Capacity*Quantity / Box
Strips1/8" W x 10.25" H15 - 30 Sheets90 / Box
1/4" W x 10.25" H30 - 60 Sheets80 / Box
3/8" W x 10.25" H60 - 90 Sheets70 / Box
1/2" W x 10.25" H90 - 120 Sheets60 / Box
5/8" W x 10.25" H120 - 150 Sheets50 / Box
3/4" W x 10.25" H150 - 180 Sheets50 / Box
1" W x 10.25" H180 - 240 Sheets40 / Box
2" W x 10.25" H430 - 500 Sheets100 / Box
Uncut Sheets7 ⅝" W x 10.25" HN/A
Depends on Cut-To Size
18 / Box


*May vary depending on paper stock, machine being used, and other factors. Not all sizes are compatible with all machines. Exact glue dimensions may vary slightly.


ManufacturerCoverbind USA
Compatible Supplies & AccessoriesYour Favorite Wrap-Around Coverstock of Choice
QuantityVaries by Size
Compatible EquipmentCoverbind Accel Ultra & Ultra+ Thermal Binding Machine
Coverbind Accel Cube Thermal Binding Machine
Coverbind Accel Flex Thermal Binding Machine
Binding StyleThermal Binding
Compatible Sheet Size(s)Letter Size [8 ½" W x 11" H]
Front CoverN/A [Use your Own Covers of Choice]


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